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Ho ho ho :santa::skin-tone-4::menorah_with_nine_branches::confetti_ball: , Merry Christmas(k), Happy Hannuka, Heri za Kwanzaa, …

I think we can all agree on one thing – it’s been quite a challenging year. What am I saying? It’s been two.
Considering Santa’s belongs to a risk age group, and the absolute hassle of getting all those elves PCR-tested, we had to be extra considerate when deciding what to do with this year’s end-of-year presents budget. Why not help the old man out by spreading some of our own spirit and generosity? Let’s give him a chance to stay Ho-Ho-Home.
As you all know, the pandemic has hit some harder than others. Which is why we’ve decided to donate our gifting budget to good causes around the world. These will use this money to spread some happiness and joy to those in need.
We hope everyone stays safe, happy, and healthy in 2022!

So, instead of sending gifts all around the globe 🌎 we decided to donate money in your name 🧡.

The only thing we need to know from you is which charity, that is close to some of our colleagues their hearts, you choose (see below).

In the beginning of January we will reveil how much money we donated to each cause and share the impact!

✨ Thank you all for voting with us, enjoy your end-of-year celebrations! See you in 2022 Christmas Parrot

Juvenile Diabetes Research

by Elizabeth Lukas

Charity name

Juvenile Diabetes Research

Short summary

Type One Diabetes is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin. In order to manage the condition it require daily injections of insulin.

JDRF is a nonprofit 501 organization that funds type 1 diabetes research, provides a broad array of community and activist services to the T1D population and actively advocates for regulation favorable to medical research and approval of new and improved treatment modalities.

We were introduced to this organization when Olivia was diagnosed with T1D in late 2019 when she was 8. The organization helped us understand what this disease was and provided support for our family.

In 2022 year she is going to be an Ambassador for the program helping other kids that are newly diagnosed.

The donations all go to research to better understand the disease, early detection (genetic testing) and curing T1D (artificial pancreas) = as well as support families and patients.

This is obviously close to my heart.

Amazing progress has been made, but cases of T1D are rising. Little is know as to why they are rising. Sometimes there could be a family history, in many cases such as ours there was not.

The mission of JDRF is to “make real progress possible & propels us toward a world without T1D.” I would like that day to come before she graduates high school.

Charity name

Avenir Nodova

Short summary

Part of NODOVA, the association collects around $4,000 every year thanks to donations to support schooling of 45-50 for Quichua kids in Ecuador. Each year, the objective is to raise enough funds to make these purchases before the start of the school year for these children.

Improved lives of Cotacachi’s kids, higher education and future for them. Since 2012, we are seeing that women are starting to have jobs and earn their independence, men are less attracted to alcohol usage and abuse. Education is key for growth and is an right for everyone!

It’s like sponsoring a child, and you are certain that he/she will have proper tools, paper, uniform for school next year!

1 scholarship = 1 child = 100$ (85€)

Avenir Nodova

by Alizee Chatenoud

I have a dream

by Natasha Nair

Charity name

I Have A Dream

Short summary

PPR Education is my family’s non-profit. PPR Education programs are about making changes, through tech & tutoring, from within public schools that are hugely under-resourced and carry the bulk of the burden of education in South Africa.

More recently, we have launched the ‘I have a dream’ project that allows individual donors to pay for one or more learners (from grade 8 to grade 12) for their high school education and additional mentorship that will help them get into the career of their choice.

Donors can be connected to their sponsoring learner to not only understand their requirements and assist accordingly, but also to track their progress in school and ensure they are on the path to reaching their dreams.

I sponsored Ngobile in July of this year, by donating $50/ month for 6 months. With that money, PPR helped sponsor her high school fees, books, school shoes, food for her family who recently lost their house and belongings to a fire, and her university application fees.

I met Ngobile in early December this year and she told me that her dream is to become either a lawyer or an educator and I’m excited to say that she’s been provisionally accepted (pending her final results) into both fields of study in university!!

Similar to Ngobile, by sponsoring a child you are supporting both their primary and ancillary needs that allows them to complete their high school with the required grades needed for them to pursue the career of their choice. Moreover, you are not only supporting a child, you are supporting their families. These kids are usually the caretakers of their siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents. By empowering them, you have a ripple effect on their families and communities.

After meeting Ngobile, my eyes widened to the unbelievably talented children who don’t have the resources to grow both personally and financially in South Africa. Nogbile is one of many students who, at no fault of their own, are subject to the repercussions of South Africa’s apartheid history and the unequal society in which they live in. By donating you are equipping a student with the tools they need to educate themselves, creating a more equal and safe community. In addition, you have the opportunity to play a significant role in mentoring them!

Let me know if you’d like to learn more about the program!

Charity name

House of Light

Short summary

House of Light is an orphanage in Sri Lanka for boys between 4-18 yrs old.

The organization provides security, shelter, health, education, structure and development opportunities to the boys who live there and this in the concept of a family.

They support the fundamental rights of young children without a family. I’ve seen how they’ve created development opportunities and how they changed the lives drastically for them.

House of light

by Milan Pelgrims

by Vincent Pirenne

Charity name

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Short summary

The mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. See the video here 

Revolutionize the
standard of care for
children with cancer,
providing them with safer,
more effective treatments
that rely less on
chemotherapies that harm
healthy cells in the body.RESEARCH
Adding more pediatric research grants. Developing a
groundbreaking global precision medicine clinical
trial for children with acute leukemia: LLS PedAL.

Expanding free education, support and
financial services for children and their families.

Driving policies to advance research for childhood cancers
and breaking down barriers to treatments and care.

Approximately 80% of childhood cancer survivors develop chronic health conditions, such as heart disease and cognitive impairments, as a result of their treatment. Only 4 oncology drugs have been approved for first use in children in 40 years.
A client of ours (Alex from Takeda’s daughter) is a patient with leukemia and he asked us to donate for this good cause.