In addition to the Business Model Kits for brainstorms, you can play around with the digital templates below. The 16 business model blocks are the perfect tool to map out new revenue models, alliance models, and different monetization strategies.

Why care? We all know the drill: You lock up some creative talents in a brainstorm room, feed them enough post-its and flip-charts, and after a few hours you end up with chaotic piles of rough ideas. When your new strategic goals are in there somewhere, you need a method to document them properly for later use. Luckily, our business model icons are available in multiple digital formats!

“Amazing how the 16 building blocks of Board of Innovation forces you to get real about an idea”

Jourik Migom, Strategic director Walking Men

“It’s a great tool to open up the possibilities of business models & also to rethink and/or reshape the ideas you might already have!”

Elena Del Toro, Made In Social

Whether you are pitching your business to investors, or presenting your new business concept to a corporate management team, it’s not easy to explain your business model. Who is paying who? What are the relationships between different stakeholders? How can it scale? The goal for using the business model templates: pitch crystal clear business models!

Professional digital downloads

Our business model icons are available in multiple digital formats. These templates can be used to visually capture and communicate your business ideas. The following file formats are supported in our digital download pack: Visio, Omnigraffle, Adobe Illustrator (Vector) and Powerpoint + several examples. ps: find some inspiration in the presentation on the right!

If you’re going to present your business model, you need it to look professional! This professional pack bundles the business model icons in multiple digital formats (Visio, Omnigraffle, Adobe Illustrator / Vector) for a cristal clear presentation.
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For a quick digital business model you can get started with this free powerpoint download. You can also find the template on slideshare. Map out your business model idea, share it with others, and gather useful feedback to make it better! You have nothing to loose.
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Business model brainstorm kit
For business model brainstorms we have a special kit with magnetic icons based on our business model blocks methodology. Perfect to gather a couple of people around the table, and generate different business model scenarios. You will be surprised how it drives thinking and dialogue between people.
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Alexander Osterwalder, author of Business model generation, created one of the best templates to create business models. This tool works perfect in combination with our icons.

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Try to visualize your business model with the Google Drawer Template, integrated in Google Docs. You can ask for feedback in our Linkedin Group or Facebook Page.

Google Template