Design Thinking & Doing

What is Design Thinking and why is it important?

Design thinking is a structured process to design solutions for the complex problems businesses face today.  In this process we put customers at the heart of everything we do. In this three-step design thinking process, we match your business strategy with their needs.

First, we’ll dive into the world of your customers to understand their needs and identify opportunities.

  • Ethnographic research
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Opportunity mapping

Then, we turn those collected insights into prototypes to create the right solutions for the right problems:

  • Concept Development
  • Co-creation with customers

Finally, we validate the prototypes with customers and stakeholders to create a sustainable business case:

  • Customer validation
  • Business validation

Customer Empathy

Understanding the needs of your customers

Ethnographic Research

Deep dive into the world of your customers!

We give rich User Insights

Our designers perform ethnographic research and undercover latent needs and desires of your customers.

  • Understand underlying motivations of the existing customer data.
  • Break down inside-out thinking.
  • Boost customer centricity.

Scale your Marketing Research

Present our insight to your market research team and make your customer data come to life.

  • Create vivid personas whom teams can empathize with.
  • Design customer-centric products and services.


design thinking research

I learned more from 1 day talking to customers than from the research we did over the last 6 months.

Market Research, Adidas

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Customer Journey Mapping

Visualize the current customer experience and pinpoint key moments for innovation.

Key moments for Innovation

  • Don’t spend big money on making the entire journey a delight.
  • There are key moments where you as a company can make a difference.
  • Be lean and pick the moments that matter.

Workshop format

  • We offer a structured process to look at your offerings from a customer’s perspective with a design mindset.
  • Engage your team by mapping your customer’s experience, indicating problems to solve and taking action.
  • Thrive in multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • Generate ideas for innovation through an ideation facilitation.

Opportunity Mapping

From ta-da! to to do. We turn insights into opportunities.

Strategic Vision Workshop

  • We turn rich insights into directions for innovation in an intense collaborative workshop.
  • We map opportunities for innovation.
  • We define steps to take things forward.

talk to our business designers

Design Thinking and map opportunities for innovation

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When to apply Lean Startup and/or Design Thinking
We’ve summarized these two methodologies and elaborate on the added value they provide in different stages of the innovation pipeline.

Prototype validation

Creating the right solution to the right problem

Concept Development

We design prototypes that showcase a Minimum Viable Product.

Rapid prototyping

Our talented prototypers are exceptionally skilled in designing prototypes that illustrate the core of the innovation concept. In only a few days they reach a beautiful result that moves people within your organization to take action.

  • Create prototypes and test assumptions in an early experimentation phase.
  • Build to learn and experience the innovation potential.

Design Sprints

Bring together a talented, multidisciplinary group and make a change.
Go from a strategic vision to a tangible prototype in just a couple of days.

  • Not simply focussed on Design Thinking, but on Design Doing.
  • Get early feedback from customers and stakeholders.
  • Guided by a full-featured Design Thinking Toolkit.
  • End with an interactive prototype.

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design sprint prototype

After years of thinking about the innovation opportunity, we finally just did it.
And in just one-week Design Sprint!Senior designer, De Persgroep

Co-creation with Customers

Bring customers and other stakeholders together to co-create.

Remember: what people say is different from what they do!

We believe that all types of people have something to offer to the design process and that they can be creative when given tools to express themselves.

  • Involve lead users in the design process.
  • Be as customer-centric as you can get.

Co-creation Workshop

  • We bring customers and designers together to co-create various innovation concepts.
  • We facilitate the ideation and selection process and conclude with concrete end results.
  • Generate 100 ideas in an hour.

We didn’t tell patients what they need, but they told us what they needed from us.
That was such an eye opener.Psychologist, Emmaus

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co-creation workshop

Innovation Implementation

Searching for a creative and sustainable business model? Challenge accepted.

Customer Validation

Let customers experience the innovation and learn.

 Testing for desirability

We test the innovation concepts for desirability, whether customers want to use your service or product. This is an essential step to ensure that you are addressing the right problem.

  • Let customers experience the innovation and give feedback.
  • 8 – 10 people bring out 80% of the problems and needs.
  • Test towards a minimal viable product.
From talking to our customers we immediately saw that we had an inside-out view. The design thinking process helped us to turn this around.General Manager Online Service, De Persgroep

business model innovation kit

Business Validation

We bring all elements together to set up a business case for the user-driven innovation.

 A strong Business Case

True innovation lies in the intersection of technological feasibility, customer desirability, and business viability. We put everything together and design a strong business case for innovation.

  • A customer-validated business case.
  • A business model that fits the strategic plan.
  • A strategic roadmap to implement the innovation.

Main Takeaways

  • Master how to boost customer centricity
  • Discover key moments for innovation
  • Inspire stakeholders with tangible prototypes
  • Turn customers into ambassadors
  • Make innovation happen fast

We work with Global Innovation Leaders

Board of Innovation - clients

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