Creative AI -

Using Creative AI as co-pilot to supercharge your innovation process - One week to create and test 50+ concepts - what typically takes months can be done in 4 days using the latest generative AI tools for innovation.

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Test, pivot or generate ideas in minutes with our free AI tools

The approach

Experience what human + machine means. Have your team experience the use of Creative AI first hand, through a highly structured on site / hybrid sprint, facilitated by Board of Innovation coaches & supercharged with our latest curated list of tools


Strategy & Data analysis

Let AI define future directions and help you make data-driven decisions on big moves
Aligned perspectives on the potential of creative AI Trend research and strategy made applicable through AI

List pros and cons of opportunity spaces, generate a SWOT analysis, conduct multi-criteria/causal analysis to weigh strategic options

Bing AI
Enrich research on key strategic questions (with sources)

Day 2

Supercharged Ideation

Push the envelope and generate more ideas faster using generative AI tools.
+300 ideas created based on consumer insight Automated idea clustering & visualization

Visualize early concepts in no time. What takes days is done in hours.

Create dozens of divergent possibilities and ideas

Library of Miro canvases/tools for insights & ideation

Day 4

Real market Testing & Case

Optimize the experimentation engine using Generative AI tools to get to early concept validation.
10+ high-fi concepts Roadmap for concepts (incl. 1 quant test per concept)

Data analysis around consumer intent, pricing, and so much more

Test and optimize ad assets and get instant feedback using pre-tests

Day 1

Consumer & data immersion

AI generated insights into what drives behavior to generate empathy.

Instant qualitative & quantitative input from

Clear strategic rationale behind prioritized opportunity spaces

Use your existing research. Ask questions and get answers about any file instantly.

Chat GPT
Get input for journeys, persona’s, interview scripts, etc.

HMW generator App

Day 3

High speed Concept design

Use generative AI to turn early concepts into realistic prototypes you can put in front of consumers.
50+ visual concepts Overnight qualitative feedback on 50+ concepts

Quickly building landing pages and websites

Generate realistic branded product photography

Library of Miro canvases/tools for experiment design & pitching


The typical process of a corporate innovation accelerator

Use Generative AI to analyze existing data and enrich it with new ones.
Create +300 concept visuals in hours – making ideas come to life in no time
Get overnight feedback from 100’s of consumers – allowing you to prioritize based on data not gutfeeling

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