AI-driven innovation

At Board of Innovation, we're excited to offer AI-driven innovation services that harness the power of generative AI to transform the innovation process

The approach

Experience what human + machine means. Have your team experience the use of Creative AI first hand, through a highly structured on site / hybrid sprint, facilitated by Board of Innovation coaches & supercharged with our latest curated list of tools

AI-powered innovation services

Unlock the power of AI to fuel your innovation process.
Experience the power of Human + Machine.

With this 1-day AI-powered innovation training, your team will gain hands-on experience co-creating concepts with AI through an end-to-end strategy and innovation process.

1 week, 50+ validated concepts.

Using creative AI as co-pilot, we will generate 100s of ideas, test them against AI-modeled personas, and make them come to life through various rounds of design.

8+ incubation-ready concepts in just 3 months.

This 3 month AI-powered innovation project lets you scale AI within your organization, creative a sustainable competitive edge.


The benefits of Using AI as your co-pilot.

Use Generative AI to analyze existing data and enrich it with new ones.
Create +300 concept visuals in hours – making ideas come to life in no time
Get overnight feedback from 100’s of consumers – allowing you to prioritize based on data not gutfeeling

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