Movement Health 2030

Building sustainable healthcare ecosystems, based on local partnerships.

The challenge

As the world’s leading biotech company, Roche is on a mission to innovate and build sustainable healthcare ecosystems around the world. As such, Roche aims to create sustainable impact and contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030: shaping the future of sustainable healthcare services.

Transforming healthcare ecosystems across the world is not a challenge that can be solved by one company or organization alone. Rather, it requires long-term partnerships with various stakeholders and experts across the ecosystem. 

The solution

In 2020, the Movement Health 2030 was born as a collaborative platform and catalyst, aimed at solving major health challenges, through local and global partnerships.

Board of Innovation was called upon to co-design, implement, and scale this global movement.

Movement health 2030 innovation perspective

Building sustainable healthcare ecosystems

Movement Health 2030 is on a mission to build sustainable and integrated healthcare ecosystems around the world.

In collaboration with Board of Innovation, Movement Health 2030 is building networks worldwide aiming to create the healthcare ecosystems of the future. Together with Roche as a founding member, Board of Innovation has co-developed and defined the initiative and the approach to building transformative partnerships, and continues to implement the impact framework to develop disruptive yet inclusive solutions through open innovation.

Going from a system designed for curing diseases to an ecosystem that promotes health and wellbeing. Movement Health 2030 is infusing innovation across the healthcare system, eliminating silos, building long-lasting public-private collaboration and bringing all sectors to work together towards a more resilient healthcare ecosystem.

Movement Health 2030: change through collaboration

Movement Health 2030 is a collaborative platform that works together with the local ecosystems, coordinating them in a self-empowered way to create new, more sustainable, and patient-centric healthcare solutions. That approach requires a radical shift in mindset.

Movement Health 2030 started with the intention to contribute to the paradigm shift promoted by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030: shaping the future of sustainable healthcare services. The Movement hopes to align stakeholders’ goals with the vision of the future. What do we aim to achieve by 2030, and what are the challenges that need to be prioritized for effective, collaborative solutions?

The steps towards healthcare of the future

By bringing together local partners and innovators, the Movement wants to have an impact at the local level of the healthcare systems. Sounds promising, but how exactly would that work? 

First of all, by working together with local partners, and identifying their specific needs. Secondly, by developing a global network focused on innovation, to significantly reduce health-related challenges for people everywhere. And thirdly, by committing partners to run pilot projects on new healthcare solutions, where there is an unmet need.

Let’s take a closer look at its ambitions and vision. Which challenges does it address? How does impact through systemic innovation work? And what lies ahead in the future?

The collaborative approach by Movement Health 2030

The challenges facing healthcare today

Healthcare systems today face multiple challenges, but the single biggest challenge is access to care. Movement Health 2030 focuses on four pillars of the access to care challenge:

  • Ensuring lifelong quality of care, from prevention to treatment, through new patient-centric care models
  • Using data science and digital solutions to break down access barriers and enhance the capabilities of healthcare systems
  • Creating inclusive partnerships across the healthcare ecosystem to distribute care effectively, and shift power dynamics
  • Improving readiness for bioscience innovation, to ensure equitable and cost-effective access, globally


Movement Health 2030 aims to create a more sustainable healthcare architecture. One that’s driven by the need to solve problems that have affected patients for decades. By bringing partners together, it wants to develop solutions that can solve the most pressing challenges in healthcare today – with tangible local impact. 

Understanding the way of working: focus on Latin America

But how does Movement Health make that happen? Let’s look at how MH2030 went about it in Latin America, where it was originally launched.  

The first step the Movement took was working together with partners with transversal perspectives to identify the needs of patients and the healthcare ecosystem as a whole, both current and long term. It did so in each Latin American focus country. After that, the teams looked into the possible gaps that might occur when addressing those needs. What would be needed in order to improve healthcare in a certain region – and what would be the pitfalls?

Bringing in crucial expertise

The Movement brought in the expertise of 63 specialists from different parts of the healthcare ecosystem, from nine different Latin-American countries. Together, they shed light on the issues, providing a multi-stakeholder perspective. After that, a regional advisory board with experienced thought leaders from different parts of society was set up. These included healthcare institutions, members of Government, and the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, bringing in the visionary perspective.

That broad vision offered a diverse perspective and global mindset. And it’s what makes the program so rich and promising. It merges a variety of insights and expertise while keeping the decision-making at a local level to fully address the local needs in healthcare. 

The Movement Health 2030 Advisory Board, in LATAM, is made up of a multidisciplinary team of leaders
committed to the transformation of healthcare system in Latin America.

the impact

A long-term approach to healthcare impact

Movement Health wants to make a lasting impact and to achieve this, it relies on four pillars:

  • Local focus, global vision. First, it wants to design a vision of healthcare that is in harmony with the local healthcare ecosystem. What are the needs of patients, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers in a certain region, at a certain point – and how can collaboration assist in overcoming them?
  • Identifying healthcare challenges. Secondly, it aims to identify potential healthcare challenges that deserve to be picked up by the broader stakeholder network. How can a global network of innovators and partners help to address local challenges – and better patients’ lives?
  • Engaging the entire ecosystem to find solutions. Thirdly, it wants to highlight existing solutions, engaging innovators and tech solutions from around the world to take part in pilot programs with grassroots partners. How can we develop solutions to help local partners, by matching them with the right innovators and partners – and develop a tailored approach to the issues?
  • Creating a mindset shift. Lastly, the Movement aims to create a mindset shift from the bottleneck challenges, by engaging in different activities related to policy.

These pillars require a regional partnership framework with like-minded and interested stakeholders. It brings countless partners to the table, from private companies to tech companies, healthcare ecosystem players, public institutions, and beyond. The various healthcare stakeholders discover and uncover big bottleneck challenges, that if solved, can open the gate to improved patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care. From the identified bottleneck challenges, policymakers decide which problems the Movement should focus on solving.

By developing and launching innovation challenges and pilots together, they can benefit the local healthcare systems. Each of them are focused on solving regional problems, using a local approach – which increases the chances of success significantly.

Using a framework geared towards long-term impact

Movement Health 2030 has developed a comprehensive Theory of Change model geared towards its long-term impact vision. 

Think of Movement Health as a windmill. If the windmill is well built, it only requires wind to start generating great amounts of electricity. Collaboration and coordination are critical elements that will enable deep, long-lasting changes with relatively little effort (when compared to ambition). The difference with a windmill is that this movement aims at being ultimately self-sustaining, once it is powered by enough “wind”. 

Read more about this framework here.

the impact

The Movement is growing

Movement Health is now active in Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Russia, Turkey, Canada, and Europe. The Movement has succeeded in engaging external stakeholders from the healthcare ecosystem. It has successfully built partnerships at local, regional, and global levels with different outcomes from each region. These outcomes vary from pilot launches to policy activities. In each country, the Movement is working on identifying and generating solutions to solve the unmet patient and ecosystem needs.

Chile: the first business case

The first business case of the Movement can be found in Chile. Here, Movement Health 2030 launched a pilot with a public-private collaboration. It engaged and gathered stakeholders from across the healthcare ecosystem to partner on creating impactful healthcare solutions. These stakeholders included tech companies, healthcare institutions, biobanks, and local entrepreneurs with the knowledge of adopting a solution at a local level. Roche brings the expertise and knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem, while the Government’s representative brings the policy perspective to the table. 

These partners met to discuss the key healthcare challenges in their regions and how to solve them while creating value for the ecosystem. With that shared value in mind, they discussed the roadmap of existing or new solutions that could be implemented within the right context. 

The partners agreed on the scope, KPIs, shared value, and milestones they wanted to achieve. After that, they created a contract to demonstrate commitment to launch their one-year pilot project. In Chile, the pilot focused on improving interoperability and efficiencies between institutions. 

The road less travelled leads to true impact

Innovating in this way, focusing on local partnerships, takes time. With the Movement’s launch in Latin America, we learned that it is crucial to adapt its approach to each region’s priorities at the country level.

Moreover, involving local entrepreneurs with specific country knowledge, from day one, is crucial to the success and implementation of the pilot solutions. Each country and region is unique and deserves its own approach and solutions. Regulations vary from region to region, and healthcare isn’t standardized everywhere. 

The ‘glocal’ perspective

Movement Health 2030 can only thrive with a ‘glocal’ philosophy, creating a concrete local impact while stimulating broader systemic change on a global level. This means stimulating local stakeholders and bringing in local expertise to identify innovation focus areas and support them through the launch of pilot programs and the scaling of solutions. 

At the same time, it’s key to develop a global strategy to scale internationally and grow the Movement. True impact, with long-lasting results.

What’s next?

In Latin America, MH2030 wants to analyze and consolidate the results of the pilot programs it has already rolled out.

The EMEA launch will benefit from the project’s experiences in Latin America. But as we said, every country is unique and requires its own approach. In Europe, for example, the Movement will focus on launching cross-country pilots. Given the maturity of the healthcare system, the challenges being experienced are different.

pilots to pave the way

Within three years, Movement Health 2030 will have run 80 pilots focused on transforming healthcare services. These pilots will continue to be combined with policy and regulation transformation, and successful pilots will be scaled across borders, facilitated by policymakers, global organizations, and healthcare companies, all working toward one goal: better healthcare for all. While the pilots are localized, global scaling is pre-considered in the solution design and facilitated by a network of international leaders.

And pilots are just the beginning… The results of the pilots will stimulate meaningful, evidence-based proposals for transforming the healthcare ecosystems and suggest policy and operational evolution. This will unlock access to better healthcare for all.

Impact before commercial gain

Movement Health catalyzes and accelerates systemic innovation, bringing together healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and policymakers to co-create best-in-class solutions and aligning incentives.

Even though MH2030 was Roche’s brainchild, the company mostly acts as a catalyst for the program. The vision on healthcare the Movement promotes is tailored from the ecosystem it supports and serves, not from within Roche itself. Creating a win-win situation through close collaboration is the driving force behind MH2030. 

Movement Health 2030’s mission is clear and so are its objectives. The initial results are promising, and the vision behind it all is one for a healthier future. 

Movement Health 2030 members envision a future of healthcare solutions that make better lifestyle an opportunity for all. During the pandemic, companies, experts, innovators, and governments have found unprecedented ways of working together that are here to stay. Movement members leverage the strengths of each other to test and scale the opportunities to modernize healthcare with a human-centered perspective

Hector Pourtale
Head of Movement Health 2030 at Roche

Ready to be a catalyst of the future of healthcare innovation?

Help pave the way for public-private partnerships accelerating transformative change. If you are passionate about the future of healthcare, innovation and social impact, there are multiple ways to become part of the network.

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