Embedding a design thinking mindset.

Hands-on training in design thinking for management and talents in Total.
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Inspiring Total executives with key principles of Design Thinking.

Total, the French multinational integrated oil and gas company, reached out to Board of Innovation to immerse their top management – 300 executives – into Design Thinking and other methodologies for innovation.

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Design thinking coaching sessions for executives.

We run recurring Design Thinking coaching sessions in Total’s headquarter in Paris. During these sessions, which are part of the innovative leadership program, teams reach out directly to clients, immerse themselves in the customer journey and perform interviews.

One of our coaching sessions is a tailored Design Thinking
Crash Course we designed for the Total top management to explain and experience the Design Thinking methodology in just half a day.


100+ Total managers and talents inspired.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve coached over 100 Total’s top executives. We trained them around key project methods of Design Thinking and gave them insights into other new innovation tools and methodologies.

In this way, our coaching sessions paved the way for Total to level up and become a structural Design Thinking partner and a deployer of other innovation methodologies. Total currently ranks among the Top 100 Global Innovators  As one of the companies making its first appearance in the Top 100, Total stands among the three leading oil and gas companies in the list. 

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