Digital innovation strategy.

Roche: drawing a joint digital innovation strategy for Roche Diagnostics.


Scoping digital opportunities for Roche Diagnostics.

Compared to the pharmaceutical sector, the business value of diagnostics has been historically lower. Change is in the air: as new technologies are shifting the focus of healthcare from cure to care, diagnostics is the first field to benefit from this transformation.

In this scenario, Roche invited Board of Innovation to Basel to co-create a digital strategy and design and execute an innovation program to discover new digital health offerings within Roche Diagnostics.

“Board of innovation helped us to design a novel innovation strategy and translate it into a structured process. Together we were able to build a tailored process that was applicable in our specific industry”.Richard Batrla-Utermann, Medical director, Roche Diagnostics
Roche Client Case


Human-centered innovation strategy.

Board of Innovation brought together Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals to draw a human-centered innovation strategy for Roche.

As a result, a joint vision and strategy were created. With the support of Board of Innovation, diverse teams created new business ideas, fueled by tools, trends, and start-up landscaping.


Board of Innovation guided the interdepartmental team to focus efforts, increase transparency by using Lean Startup and Design Thinking tools and techniques.

At the time of writing, a Development Track is currently going on to push the winning ideas into the market.


A coordinated strategic framework for Innovation in healthcare.

Board of Innovation impacted on:

1. Bringing Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals together. This promoted a human-centered perspective on Roche’s customer journey through prevention, screening, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and monitoring.

2. Bringing transparency to ongoing activities. Board of Innovation tidied up current projects across different departments in Roche, and subsequently screened and mapped them into strategic buckets.

3. Mapping out the field of digital innovation in healthcare. This helped Roche to identify threats and opportunities in the healthcare arena, especially pertaining to customer trends and emerging technologies.

4. Creating a strategic vision for digital innovation and turning it into action. One ad-hoc innovation team was established following Board of Innovation’s Strategy and Ideation Tracks.

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