Design thinking transformation program.

Board of Innovation for Proximus, first telco in Belgium.
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Fostering innovation capabilities.

Proximus, the number-one telecom operator in Belgium, invited Board of Innovation to create a Design Thinking community of practice within the organization. 

The aim: to foster innovation capabilities and to transform Proximus, on an organizational level, into a champion of customer centricity.

Proximus design thinking transformation program


Coaching Proximus employees to apply a Design Thinking way of working.

At Proximus, we’re leading a company-wide design thinking transformation program. Together with an internal change team, we are remodeling the current way of working to ensure customer-centric excellence. We are training the entire company with a no-nonsense learning-by-doing approach.

Today, we are in the process of training Proximus employees at various levels within the organization. Aside from the design thinking tools (i.e. gathered in a Proximus tailored design thinking playbook) and structured methodology, we also coach them intensely throughout four different pilot projects.

After a pilot phase, we scaled up the training program by applying a “train the trainer” approach: we train motivated Proximus employees to become certified design thinking coaches. The project governance, performance model, and C-level strategy are also taken into consideration to deliver customer excellence and to ensure the maximum impact of the program. 


Crucial customer insights gathered through extensive customer interaction.

Our impact on Proximus organization is being drawn by:

1. Inspiring hundreds of Proximus employees from all departments to put customer needs and desires first.

2. Fostering cross silo’s collaboration, and bridging the knowledge flow between tech, marketing, and sales centers. We established multidisciplinary core teams and applied a human-centered approach.

3. Empowering employees to innovate by themselves, with newly acquired capabilities and innovation tools.

4. Creating a vision and a roadmap for implementation. A vision for the program was co-created, with a precise roadmap for the 2018 program, which will see additional teams join the design thinking transformation program.


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