Ideation bootcamp.

Ideation brainstorms and co-creation workshops for ABInBev.
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Create and deploy an ideation campaign.

Anheuser-Busch InBev is the world’s largest brewer. It’s a Belgian-Brazilian transnational beverage and brewing company with global headquarters in Leuven, Belgium. Their dream is to be the best beer company bringing people together for a better world.

AB-Inbev reached out to Board of Innovation to create and deploy an ideation campaign to fill the pipeline of innovations for one of their leading beer brands, namely Jupiler.

Innovation workshops or bootcamps are a good first discovery of new innovation formats. In a short period of time you can create tons of ideas. A watch-out is to make sure that the mass of ideas generated is usable and business oriented, therefore clear directions are needed. Afterwards, a good filtering is necessary to select those ideas that can bring the expected growth.Laurens Dejager, Innovation Manager BeNeLux, Anheuser-Busch InBev


New product innovation.

By letting us inspire throughout the intake procedure and doing some observational scoping sessions and further inspiration research, we had a better, more empathic understanding of the challenge AB InBev is currently facing.

By combining co-creation workshops (with consumers and other stakeholders), Board of Innovation invents workshops, creative ideation and bootcamp sessions we supported the organization in the discovery and the selection of new product innovations for the Jupiler brand.

This resulted in the generation of bottom-up ideas in order to come up with radical concepts. At the moment of writing, several innovations went through to final stage innovation panels and a couple of them are being prepared for production and sale and will be out in the stores the summer of ’18.


Challenge the status quo.

We designed a bootcamp program to drive radical ideas through a very conservative slow moving and incremental innovation-driven sector. 

In these bootcamp (and co-creation) sessions we usually go from 100’s of ideas created, to a selection of 70 concepts we will later group into 14 clusters. 10 of these clusters will be used in another co-creation session to finally further improve, refine, prototype and evaluate these ideas together with people from AB InBev and external designers.

Board of innovation facilitated the whole process and came up with a structured way for coming up with more radical ideas and challenge status quo thinking.

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