Design thinking & creativity.

Board of Innovation for TD Bank: boosting capabilities and techniques of TD's center of excellence.


Boosting the capabilities of TD's center of excellence.

The internal center of excellence for lean process improvement of TD Ameritrade, a global Fortune 500 bank with over 26,000 employees, reached out to Board of Innovation to upskill their innovation capabilities.

The team felt it was not reaching its full potential, as they were typically only addressing incremental improvements, were often included in projects way too late and recommendations were not followed up on.


Design thinking & creativity training.

In a 2-day design thinking & creativity training, covering user empathy, creative ideation, and prototyping, we followed 5 teams from the consulting services department from the lean center of excellence through the business challenge at hand and overwhelmed them by sharing best practices, tools & techniques. 

Each team applied design thinking on real life projects and gained an understanding of empathy techniques by doing user research and interviewing different stakeholders depending on the challenge. We also tackled ideation and prototyping techniques, and we cooperated to involve stakeholders as soon as possible in the process. 


Diverse new business concepts gathered through extensive customer interaction.

As during the program we emphasized on the fundamentals of design thinking, the 37 participants, ranging from fresh hires to people with 10 years of experience in TD Bank, shifted from a product-focused mindset to a customer-driven mindset and are now able to apply hands-on design thinking tools in their day-to-day job

In the end more than 200 ideas and possible improvements were generated, and 5 main concepts were chosen. To date, one of the business concepts chosen has been worked out into a prototype, ready to be tested. 

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