Interview: The life of an intrapreneur

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Innovation Pioneers - The life of an intrapreneur

We want to introduce you to a corporate startup that arose from one of our hackathons: Ella. We had an interview with Bart Pollentier, project lead of Ella. In one of our older blog posts, we talked about how we identified and selected the right intrapreneur. First, who or what is Ella? This corporate startup is the result of a one-week hackathon … Read More

Hack: How I got free LinkedIn ads with fake account

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Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 08.20.32

At the moment, LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B sales. By far. LinkedIn knows this and monetizes it with Sales Navigator, paid advertisements, etc. After spending hundreds on our first campaigns, I started to experiment. Eventually, I found a way to get free LinkedIn ads and tons of extra (personal) exposure. The hack I used, is suitable for both sales and recruiting … Read More

CASE: How we identified & selected the right intrapreneur for one of our latest corporate startup projects.

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SD Worx_Quest_Intrapreneur

For one or the projects we’ve been involved in lately, one of our challenges was to find the right intrapreneur to take the lead in an ongoing innovation project. When I say that “finding a qualified intrapreneur with the right fit for a corporate innovation project is very hard”, that’s an understatement. There are so many criteria you have to … Read More

The perfect intrapreneur: a skillset

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Perfect intrapreneur

Intrapreneurship has become a hot topic, but who are these intrapreneurs? What makes them so special? Why are people saying that ‘intrapreneurs are the ones saving the future of the company’? Can you just grab an entrepreneur, wrap him in a suit and put him in a corporate environment? Great guess, that won’t work in most cases, therefore I’ve made … Read More

Ignore focus groups: a guide to do your own customer validation

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When working with corporate teams I regularly face discussions on when and how to do customer research. For many managers talking to potential new customers is completely out of their comfort zone. I am convinced this is not with bad intentions as managers in large enterprise are mainly working in 3 modes: Do nothing (Talking to customers is the responsibility of someone else, other … Read More

How to design your own innovation accelerator: a checklist

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internal accelerator

I decided to write a post to give you some insights on how we designed our latest accelerator program and what we learned from it. We recently finished an exciting dragons’ den of an innovation accelerator program for Owens-Illinois (O-I). O-I is the global market leader in the production of glass bottles (listed in the fortune 500). Fun-fact: Approximately one of every … Read More

Jobs in innovation: our field guide

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For most companies, developing a winning innovation strategy isn’t usual business. It takes a lot of time, skills and resources. Though essential for long term business growth, innovation is often killed due to the focus on core business processes. As an innovation consultancy we’ve been globally involved in lots of innovation projects. This means we have cooperated with many different profiles … Read More

We’re doing a €2.500 giveaway to support intrapreneurship : what we learned so far

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Free money experiment

As some of you might know, we launched a giveaway a while a ago. With this giveaway, we promised to spend €2.500 to cover intrapreneurial expenses. Since this campaign has been running for almost 4 weeks now, it’s time to review this experiment so far. First thing we noticed is that the necessity for ‘free money’ is not as high … Read More

How to get your innovation team going with less than $100 on tools a month?

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Our experience tells us that many companies are in serious need of innovation, it’s even becoming a cliché. Startups are attacking existing and new markets at enormous speed.  So it’s about time to find the intrapreneurs within your company, and give them the right tools to get started. Before we get started, I’d like to say that if you have … Read More

Launching a guerrilla club to stop innovation theatre.

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As an innovation agency, we’re used to getting corporates out of their comfort zones. In the last years we’ve experimented with a variety of approaches to boost innovation, from bootcamps, hackathons to corporate accelerators. What we often see, is that employees are ‘forced’ to innovate. They have to follow a strict process or are ‘dumped’ into a specific innovation program. Of … Read More

Workshop at the Intrapreneurship Conference + an extra 15% discount

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Between May 27 and May 29, the 5th edition of the Intrapreneurship Conference takes place. After editions in Brussels, Barcelona, Paris and Eindhoven, it’s time for London to host the conference. As Board of Innovation, we can proudly tell you that Nick De Mey (co-founder) will be speaking on this global event for corporate innovators. This conference is a must visit … Read More