How to market your corporate startup

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Over the last years we’ve helped several corporates with the launch of internal startups. As an innovation / business consultancy our focus is always on the strategic role of these projects. We provide help with the selection of new product ideas, validating the product / market fit, choosing the right business / revenue model, … As you can see, all … Read More

Hack: How I got free LinkedIn ads with fake account

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At the moment, LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B sales. By far. LinkedIn knows this and monetizes it with Sales Navigator, paid advertisements, etc. After spending hundreds on our first campaigns, I started to experiment. Eventually, I found a way to get free LinkedIn ads and tons of extra (personal) exposure. The hack I used, is suitable for both sales and recruiting … Read More

Spotted… Fake Crowdfunding Campaigns.

Manu VollensInternet & media


I was already a huge fan of Crowdsourcing since the concept went mainstream in 2009. It’s a great way to reach a big audience, get market traction, … before investing into a new idea yourself. Recently I’ve the feeling the crowdfunding concept has been challenged more than ever. As it looks really “easy” to make money with, several non-innovative people … Read More

When monetizing a digital service, these are the commissions you can ask per industry.

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The transition from offline to online business models is a strategic challenge for many companies. How do you design a digital revenue model and how to set your price in this new world? Unfortunately there are no easy answers but we can make the quest easier. On a regular basis we aggregate parts of the research we gather for our … Read More

4 answers: What will the world look like when people record every second of their lives?

Manu VollensInternet & media

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Working on several industry-changing client projects, diving into new trend studies every week and following many twitter streams every day I also try to live 5 years ahead. I believe that’s important, both for myself and our clients. Recently I backed The Memoto Lifelogging Camera on Kickstarter – a small camera that takes a picture every 30 seconds and stores … Read More

Classifieds gone social in the Arab world

haykInternet & media

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Launched in March 2012 by 22-year-old Mohamed Nour,, is the regions first social marketplace where buyers post requests for goods or services they need and the amount they would like to pay for them. Shoutit takes the concept of commerce back to the basics, by allowing you to offer whatever you have and ask the price you’d like to … Read More helping Arab brides to have a happy marriage

haykInternet & media

While marriage day might be the happiest day in the lives of many women, the preparations to that day are the hardest and organizationally very challenging. Meet In the Arab world, you need to multiply all logistical and organizational challenges of a marriage by a factor of ten, in order to also account for cultural and religious matters. Despite, … Read More

PickAQuote – Australian matchmaking platform on the rise

Philippe De RidderInternet & media

Guest post by Andrew Quan, soon to become our ambassador in Australia. I recently got married, and for those who have done so before, you know very well the process required to go through various suppliers to get the ‘best quote’. Everything from florists, hairdressers, suits / dresses / attire, catering, music / DJ services… you name it. With so … Read More

Offerna: group-buying in the Middle East & North Africa

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E-commerce has been taking off in the MENA region. The Group buying phenomenon (Groupon effect) is the latest twist in the evolution of MENA’s online user preferences. Let’s see how this global trend is unfolding itself in the Middle East & North Africa. The online retail and shopping market in Egypt epitomizes the regional trend. According to a Nielsen study … Read More is crowdsourcing harassment cases in Egypt

haykInternet & media

Hayk, our Ambassador in Egypt, explains how HarassMap is crowdsourcing harassment cases to bring transparency and improve women’s life in Egypt. After Hayk’s previous story about two startups taking control of Egyptian traffic, this is another inspiring story showing how online startups are filling gaps in social and political structures. If governments don’t organize things, the people will via new … Read More

The publisher who is not afraid of Apple or Google

Nick De MeyInternet & media

Our lovely marketing girl visited the first edition of Phare: a web conference organized by Ghent Web Valley. So, An, How was your day? “The Internet evolves towards being the centre of our lives. How will this change the way we will work, play, dream in the future? Where is the Internet going and how will it affect society?” Those … Read More

5 Drivers for Future Business Models

Philippe De RidderInternet & media

This is a guest article by Kia Davis, Senior Strategy Manager at Visa Europe and future entrepreneur. When new technology develops, the first business models seem to imitate the old technology experience within the new medium. As the new industry matures and the new medium is better understood, new business models emerge, often led by smaller startups. For example, the … Read More

The Future Of Publishing: Newsgrape?

Philippe De RidderInternet & media

I’ve had interesting conversations with Leo Fasbender, founder of Newsgrape. The guys at Newsgrape are building a web-platform that attempts to revolutionize the way people share and experience text on the web – just like YouTube has done for videos. Newsgrape’s vision is that the time of unconnected, individual blogs is over. They are building a central place for sharing … Read More

Reputation auction: Pay to work

Nick De MeyInternet & media

What is a good reputation worth to you? In a professional context, a lot seems like a good answer. CharityBuzz illustrates the power of a good reputation selling platform. In return for some valuable company names on a CV, people participate in auctions for jobs. They pay to work. Companies that have a few spots available for interns, can put … Read More