How is innovation monitored in your organisation?

Zygi KrupskisInnovation Management


Let’s get the importance of innovation out of the way to start with. It’s crucial to any company. Doesn’t matter if we are talking about a startup or a corporation. Any. Apple would not be Apple without an iPod and Toyota wouldn’t be Toyota without their lean manufacturing, or Netflix without…. well Netflix. You get the point. Good, now we … Read More

Tips: How I structure business assumptions for a new innovation project

Peter GoossensInnovation Management, Tips

business assumptions

In the recent years, I probably discussed thousands of business assumptions with +100 corporate startup teams. In these discussions, I tend to focus on helping them to discover the most critical assumptions. They always have limited time. What should they do next when we evaluate their innovation project? We will typically sort all assumptions in 4 big categories: 1. User … Read More

20 questions to ask when validating your business idea

Tom De MoorInnovation, Innovation Management


A part of our innovation workshop is idea validation User validation can be categorized into 2 different points of view: problem validation and solution validation. It’s important that you avoid confirmation bias. You must look for the deep-rooted problem of a user instead of pitching your idea. It is all about listening. Do not expect them to reinvent the future … Read More

The 4 most useless people to have in your innovation project

Nick De MeyInnovation Management


Let’s assume your innovation project has a clear purpose. Example: “You want to find new sources of revenue based on the existing assets you have as a company.” To develop a new product or services you decide to launch an innovation accelerator. The people you invite to your brainstorms & workshops are of course carefully selected. But still we see … Read More

Guide to market-fit for new material or technology

Arne Van BalenBoard Of Innovation, Business Prototyping, Innovate like a startup, Innovation Management, Other-industries, Resources

flow to monetize new material or technology

Based on our experiences, we guide you through the six steps to turn new materials or technologies into first invoices. That experience grew when I joined a corporate startup in the paper industry (Symbio by Sappi). The idea was to launch plastic materials that were forest-based. At the time, our team had no market knowledge, no relevant network established in the marketplace, and no direct clients … Read More

Workshop at the Intrapreneurship Conference + an extra 15% discount

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Between May 27 and May 29, the 5th edition of the Intrapreneurship Conference takes place. After editions in Brussels, Barcelona, Paris and Eindhoven, it’s time for London to host the conference. As Board of Innovation, we can proudly tell you that Nick De Mey (co-founder) will be speaking on this global event for corporate innovators. This conference is a must visit … Read More

The consumption economy versus a light bulb that lasts a century.

Arne Van BalenInnovation Management

Corporates made everyone believe that a consumption economy would create added value for us all. But, in reality, it destroys value. Cradle-to-cradle and closing-the-loop business models have abortively been trying to fix the negative environmental impact of the consumption economy. Some companies rightfully believe that the future needs a functional economy in which companies sell the service of a product, … Read More

5 Must-Have Skills for Intrapreneurs

Dan TomaInnovation Management


Some people think that by tying a tie around an entrepreneur’s neck and making him commute daily to a fancy office building inhabited by 500+ employees of the same company, he will automatically transform into an intrapreneur – I think this is just shallow thinking. I’ve seen brilliant entrepreneurs failing in enterprises (corporates) almost as often as I’ve seen great … Read More

6 Posters for your Innovation Propaganda

Philippe De RidderInnovation Management


  Study after study confirms that culture is the main roadblock for innovation in corporate organizations. Much more than a lack of ideas, lack of processes, and so on. We have experienced the same when working with many of our corporate clients. Yet it’s so incredibly hard to change your culture, and get your colleagues to adopt a more innovative … Read More

6 Daily Habits for Innovators

Philippe De RidderInnovation Management


I’ve recently discovered the power of forming daily habits to reach my goals, and I’m keen to share my experience and thoughts to get some discussion going. As a person active in innovation – as innovation manager, consultant, R&D manager, business developer, product manager, or C-level leader – you’ve most likely set yourself personal goals around being more inspiring, up-to-date, … Read More

That awkward 4-o-clock moment in a brainstorm #InnovationVirgins

Nick De MeyBusiness Model Innovation, Innovation Management


Tips for first-time corporate innovators In this series of posts we help corporates that soon will make the big jump to start their first big innovation project. You might feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry… we’re here to help. ;) Idea generation session are hard to set up. Many corporate people see brainstorms as 1h meetings where people can play with post-it … Read More

How to find the sweet spot for your innovation project? #innovationVirgins

Nick De MeyInnovation Management


Tips for first-time corporate innovators In this series of posts we help corporates that soon will make the big jump to start their first big innovation project. You might feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry… we’re here to help. ;) Business innovation projects need a different mindset You want to generate extra revenue for your business, right? But where do you start? … Read More

Our structured way to create Innovation Blockbusters

Philippe De RidderInnovation Management

Innovation and ideation projects shouldn’t include idea boxes and dull meetings! If the goal is to come up with remarkable new business concepts to grow your business, your process should be inspiring and intriguing for your team. You can use metaphors going from tiger teams to discovery groups and treasure hunts. We are happy to share how we do this … Read More