3 Top-notch Tips for Loyalty

Anneleen VanhoudtDesign Thinking

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Loyalty programs relevancy is being challenged by a new generation of millennials who expect brands not just to deliver great products and services, but also to offer them experiences that fit their individual identities as well as being able to share with their peers. Here are my 2 cents for making your brand addictive:   1. Bring value to you … Read More

How to innovate in complex environments?

Peter GoossensDesign Thinking, Innovation

Complex environments

Design Thinking, again? By now, everyone has heard of design thinking and even debating whether or not it is already outdated. Well let me tell you, there are still many companies out there using design thinking methodologies successfully and organizations that have never even explored its benefits. This is because some big companies do not know how to make use … Read More

Design Thinking Books & Articles to inspire

Peter GoossensBoard Of Innovation, Design Thinking

Design Thinking Books

What Can Design Bring to Strategy? – Kathryn Best Design Thinking Comes of Age – Harvard Business Review Design for Action – Harvard Business Review The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design – IDEO Design Thinking – The Book and Tools – designthinkingbook.co.uk Virtual Crash Course – Stanford University Institute of Design Designing for Growth: A Design Thinking Tool Kit for Managers – Columbia Business School Design in Tech Report 2016 … Read More