Scoping workshop.

We co-design innovation strategy programs optimized to achieving your organization's goals.


Focus on what really matters.

Innovation programs should focus on having a genuine impact. Business growth can only happen with the right team working on the right project.

Drawing on our experience running more than 100 innovation programs, we can help you choose the right team and focus on the right growth areas. 

Innovation workshops or bootcamps are a good first discovery of new innovation formats. In a short period of time you can create tons of ideas. To make sure that the mass of ideas generated is usable and business-oriented, clear directions are needed. Afterwards, a good filtering is necessary to select those ideas that can bring the expected growth.”
– Laurens Dejager, Innovation Manager Benelux AB Inbev

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Why run a scoping session?


Focused objectives

A scoping session aligns the innovation program with your innovation strategy. After the session, your essential stakeholders will be on board with the objectives and results of the program.

Selection criteria

Ideas are great, but which ideas will actually make a difference? During the scoping session, we identify the right selection criteria and KPIs for each stage of the innovation funnel.


the right innovation team

Finding the right people to lead an innovation project isn’t easy. We help you shape a team that will be well-equipped and ready to launch your next business!

Corporate innovation accelerator.

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