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An innovation coach inspires, supports and coaches teams to help innovation grow in the organization

Coaching can either be done on the execution of projects or on the executive level to define strategies. When you hire an innovation coach, she/he will give hands-on support to challenge existing thinking and allow further growth. She/he will push the status quo outside of the box by bringing energy, startup mindset, and creativity.

At the end of the page, in the ‘other solutions‘ section, we’ve gathered our best offerings to acquiring creative coaching techniques, to learn the most cutting-edge innovation methods, tools, and frameworks yourself.

Board of Innovation played an important role in getting where we are today. Not only did they teach us to think and act as a startup: even more importantly, they are constantly preventing us from falling back into a corporate pace.
Koen Evers, General Manager FLEET, Vanderlande

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What to expect when our innovation coaches tune in.



Our innovation coaches will give your team the structure and the right methodologies to move quickly and adaptively from problems to solutions.



Expect from our innovation coaches a balance between training sessions, hands-on activities and individual support to one specific individual or team.


Are you constantly raising the bar? Are your innovation projects impactful on organizational culture and bottom line? Our innovation coaches will challenge your team to strive for excellent results within the limited time available.



Our innovation coaches are aware of shifting paradigms and new trends in your industry. Let their future-thinking inspire you and adapt your way of working to new drivers of value.



10 years of experience in hundreds of organizations exposed us to any kind of team dynamic. We support team dynamics and internal politics that boost innovation, instead of constraining it.



We don’t push any particular methodology: we scientifically blend the best of design thinking, lean startup, and agile, together with existing frameworks in your company.

Program overview

Embed innovation into your organization.

Our approach to innovation coaching. 

Methodologies such as design thinking, lean method, and service design require a shift in mindset. By applying creative coaching techniques, our innovation coaches challenge people to think differently and guarantee that projects are tackled by the customer’s needs rather than from the organization’s perspective.

Additionally, our innovation coaches guide teams towards business result by teaching them skills such as ideation, concept development, business modeling, and pitching. This can either be done through participatory workshops or by means of individual coaching on projects.

We build capabilities, not dependencies. At the end of the journey, teams are equipped with entrepreneurial skills and are able to apply a customer-centric way-of-working, without depending on us.

Based on the specific needs, our innovation coaches can create a tailored playbook to ensure successful continuation. This allows organizations to stay close to their customer while delivering quick results.

  • Building capabilities: you have a great team and you want to optimize their innovation capabilities.
  • Coaching for business results: you have an innovative product/service in mind and you need guidance in the further execution, experimentation, validation and/or market launch.
  • External challenger: you have a team with an innovation coach and you want to raise the bar by bringing in an external challenger.

Client cases

Trusted by Fortune500 and global innovators.

Board of Innovation makes Fortune500 corporations innovate like startups, mixing proven methods from design thinking and lean startup.


Hire an innovation coach.

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