Transform concepts into tested prototypes in just 2 days.


Collaborate, develop, prototype, test. Let’s bring your concept to life.

What is a hackathon? They can be adjusted to suit your goals, but generally, a hackathon is a program that brings a large number of people together to develop a tested solution to a central challenge.

Want your company to become more innovative? A hackathon is a great launchpad. With the help of our consultants, your experts will learn to quickly and reliably put their concepts to the test and pick the dynamite ideas from the duds.

Participants can be from various departments within your company or its external partners. They’ll join forces to build, challenge, and test hypotheses.

Working in small groups, your teams will turn ideas into tested concepts or concepts into implemented experiments. To ensure you make evidence-based decisions and developments, you’ll be challenged to validate your ideas or prototypes with real customers or users.

For digital solutions, hackathons are commonly done in partnership with a network of developers and UI/UX specialists. Yes, we can connect you to the right people.

Why run a hackathon?

Hackathons are an opportunity for you to…

  • Leverage the expertise and creativity of a large group of employees
  • Zone in on a specific corporate challenge or market insight
  • Accelerate projects by building prototypes and running experiments
  • Co-create with customers or external business partners
  • Use your existing resources to test innovative ideas and develop exciting products


What to expect from our innovation hackathons?

If your goal is to generate solutions to a central challenge...

Co-created solutions

Using existing resources, your team will develop a large number of innovative concepts based on actual (not assumed) customer needs and real market insights.

Insightful feedback

The collaborative format enables teams to truly understand a solution’s strengths and pitfalls and make the appropriate pivots. And because they’ve worked on it together, your employees will feel invested in the project going forward.

Focus on the customer

Our innovation consultants will walk your teams through valuable innovation tools and show them how to keep the customer at the center of the design process.

If your goal is to turn concepts into tested prototypes…

Developed prototypes

Through creative use of design and technology, your concepts will become tangible prototypes.

Co-created experiments

Testing will enable teams will quickly validate (or invalidate) a prototype and identify opportunities for improvement.

Test mindset

Teams will walk away with a deep appreciation for the importance of using experimentation to make evidence-based decisions.

See a hackathon in action.

We worked with Delen Private Bank to set up a hackathon event. Their goal was to uncover exciting IT talent while generating fresh new ideas, so their hackathon took the form of a competition. Watch the video below to find out more, and reach out to us to hear about the forms your hackathon might take.

What’s the difference between a hackathon and a design sprint?


Hackathons are high-energy events that typically run for 2 days and involve 50+ people from a variety of departments. Participants tackle a big corporate challenge or market insight in teams.

You’ll validate ideas and existing insights generated through previous work or market research.

Design sprint

Design sprints are smaller and more concentrated than hackathons, involving a team of up to 15 people. Participants actively work on a project within their business or job function over a period of 3-5 days.

More time is invested in problem finding and empathy building, which enables your team to develop unique insights during the session.


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