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Answer your critical business questions faster. We've enhanced Google Ventures' famous design sprint to incorporate business model innovation and de-risk your projects.

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Empathize, ideate, prototype, and validate. Get it done in under a week.

We’ve enhanced Google Ventures‘ famous design sprint to incorporate business model innovation. The result is a quick, intensive, highly-structured innovation cycle in which we guide your teams to explore solutions that leverage your organizations’ core strengths. Teams deep dive into a specific topic by prototyping, testing, and validating with key ecosystem stakeholders.

A business design sprint involves up to 7 team members from multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Broad and diverse participant backgrounds are critical to successful sprints.

Design sprints help innovators choose the right problems to solve and give first hints of possible solutions. They enable you to set a better path to achieve your long-term goals.

Large corporations & Fortune 500 leaders from Nest to Nike, Google Ventures, IBM, Spotify, KLM, and Philips rely on the design sprint format to tackle uncertainty and risk in the shortest possible time, while maximizing learning for the organization.

We’ve run tailored innovation sessions with large multinational banks, media conglomerates, global corporations, international telcos, and many more. Our methodology is partially based on The Sprint Book by Jake Knapp.

Can’t travel? Work remotely

Collaborate with teams internationally – no plane tickets required. We can run this entire session online using digital tools that were handpicked for the job. Get in touch to find out more.


What to expect from our design sprints?


Focus on issues from your customers' perspective

Sprints help you to focus on the most pressing issues from your customers’ perspective. You begin by defining the right problems, ideating, and then selecting and prototyping to gather validated information for B2B and B2C projects, including insight analysis.


A (quick and cheap) proof that you are (or aren't) on the right track

This brainstorm format lets you focus on a specific problem and get customer validation fast. The process shows you if you’re on the right track as quickly and cheaply as possible. This is achieved by rapid prototyping and interviews with a small customer sample.


360° validation of final concepts

Our innovation consultants bring their deep knowledge and wide-ranging and unique experiences to help large corporations innovate like startups in several industries across the globe. With expertise in strategies from Design Thinking to service design, Lean Startup and business model innovation, we help you validate your innovative concepts to ensure that only the most worthy ones progress.


A unique, corporate-oriented approach to Design Sprints

We approach design sprints a little differently than the traditional Google Ventures approach. We enriched the standard process with our own tools, methods, and, processes tailored to the specifics of corporate challenges.

Business design sprint

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Client cases

Trusted by Fortune 500 and global innovators.

Board of Innovation makes Fortune 500 companies innovate like startups, mixing proven methods from design thinking and lean startup strategies.

Board of Innovation helped us clarify and expand on our ideas in only a few days. As a result, we have a much clearer vision of what we want to accomplish.

Bart Nieuwstraten, ING Netherlands

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How we helped Danone create 8 food and beverage concepts for the Chinese market while training staff in practical business design methodologies.