Customer journey mapping.

A 2-week program to uncover opportunities for innovation by walking a mile in your customer's shoes.


Perfecting the customer experience.

You want to deliver a product or service that will set you apart, that not only delivers value to your customers but incorporates an eye for the whole experience chain

Experience is the new currency, and it starts with understanding your customer’s journey.

Let’s not sugarcoat it. Often when companies talk about “innovation,” they mean coming up with the best technology or getting a solution on the market that will set them apart from their competitors. If you’re familiar Doblin’s 10 types of innovation, you know that’s just one way of innovating. Another way of innovation comes from understanding your customer’s total experience and asking yourself how you can improve it.

“Board of Innovation offered us a unique method that made visible and easy to design the relationships between our organization and our customers.”

Desbiey Olivier, Director Innovation, La Poste

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What will participants learn during this 2-week course?


A thorough understanding of customer journey mapping

After following this 2-week course, participants will have a greater understanding customer journey mapping exercises, when they are relevant, and which actions to take afterward.

further design opportunities

In addition to the results of customer journey mapping, the user research process unveils unmet needs and opportunities for design.


Empathy and other design thinking techniques

Customer journey mapping is a great exercise to develop empathy, design thinking, and customer-centricity. Learn to immerse yourself in the lives of the users you’re designing for.


Hands-on application

We don’t like too much theory. Learning by doing is proven to be far more effective (and fun). Our customer journey mapping program puts participants ti work on real business cases so they can directly transfer lessons to the job.


A designer mindset

Get biased toward action, suspend judgment during the exploration phase, focus on human values and behaviors, listen attentively rather than waiting to reply, and work collaboratively.

Tools, methods, and templates

We’ll provide you with all the tools, methods, and templates we use during the innovation program so you can continue practicing customer journey mapping in your day-to-day work. 

Program overview

A 2-week course to master customer-centricity.

In this 2-week course, the team will learn through practice to develop the skills and mindset to master customer journey mapping. 

A real-life challenge will be used to showcase the process. 

Our coaches will be by your side to help you fine-tune your skills based on your individual needs and personal strengths.

Customer journey mapping helps innovation teams identify pain points in the customer experience for a specific product or service, and for a specific persona. By ideating those specific pain points, you can ensure that the scope of your project is actually relevant.

We’ll use customer journey maps as a conversation starter during interviews with the people you’re designing for. A full overview of your final user’s customer experience prompts relevant questions to create deeper empathy with your target audience.

Instead of simply capturing customer interviews in text documents, a customer journey map will let you contextualize and visualize the results. Positive and negative interactions are clearly mapped against each stage of the journey, accelerating the identification of pain points.

Client cases

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Customer journey mapping.