Co-design workshop.

Invite your end users to your office, and design new products and services together with them.


Design for the user, with the user.

The team will learn through practice and will develop the capabilities and mindset needed to bring a successful collaborative design session from the ground up.

Throughout the 3 days, we will be by your side and will help you to fine-tune your skillsets based on your individual needs & personal strengths. 

A 3-day co-design workshop is an intensive ideation and designing session, where a corporate team designs and develops a prototype of a new service or product together with a group of end users (hence the name “collaborative”).

During this 3-day collaborative design workshop, our team of experienced design thinkers & researchers will guide the team to apply user-centricity to the ideation phase.

“The workshop with BOI was a fantastic opportunity to learn to think outside of the box, to be innovative & to find new business opportunities together with end users.”

Sutapa bahaduri, Discipline Leader, Owens Illinois

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What to expect from our co-design workshop.


Truly customer-centric concepts

By including your end users and customers as partners of ideation and design of new products and services, you ensure the creation of truly customer-centric solutions.


Map of further opportunities

The process of user interviewing and collaborative design will unveil numerous unmet needs of your customers. Even though only the most relevant ones will be tackled during the 3-day workshop, other unmet needs are valuable starting points for future innovation projects. 


Customer-centric mindset

Apart from the concrete business results, the workshop also impacts on the long-term culture of your organization, by showcasing the power of customer centricity and design thinking.


A full set of innovation tools

After this session, the team will receive all the templates and tools used during the workshop, to facilitate the adoption of the new tools and techniques in the daily job.


Program overview

Collaborative desiging means inviting your customers into your team.

Often, a human-centric approach is associated with empathy and testing, as they form a core part behind design thinking, the innovation methodology that puts the people you aim to serve back at the center of your innovation journey. However, your customer can offer you much more than just a glimpse into their lives and their valuable feedback, they can become your co-designers.

Inviting the customers to take part in your design team during the early stages of your design process allows your design to be better informed on all aspects of the solution. Moreover, it’s shown that users and communities of users are much more likely to adopt and spread the word about a solution they helped to shape. 

Explore which kind of challenges are conducive for collaborative design sessions.

We’ll help you with the preparatory work before running a collaborative design session.

We’ll support and coach you in running a collaborative design session with your innovation teams and relevant end users. We maximize input and creativity from the users by bringing in different tools, methods, tips, and tricks.

In the end, we help you download and synthesize the learnings gathered during a collaborative design session and translate them into opportunities for design. These learnings will guide you to finally turn ideation into concrete development.


Co-design workshop.

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