Innovation Bootcamp

From idea to executive pitch in 4 days

Make corporate teams innovate like startups

Innovation is driven by people, not by corporate processes. That is why our Innovation Bootcamp gives your corporate team a platform to develop new business ideas that they are passionate about. Through intensive coaching the teams go from ideas to an executive pitch in just 4 days. It’s very much similar to how start-up teams develop their ideas, and pitch them to investors.

“The Innovation Bootcamp was a mind-boggling experience- and suddenly the world looked a different place – one full of opportunities!”

Gino Geysermans, Sales Manager Telenet for Business

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Context: Develop ideas, the start-up way

Corporates have an incredible scale to market innovations, but they risk killing ideas by applying the same processes and governance structures in development stage. Corporates can learn a lot from start-ups: adopt a mindset of accepting failure, prototype fast, recognize small can be beautiful, and prefer customer feedback over being obsessed with business cases.

Goal: Intrapreneurial culture + Real investments

Our Innovation Bootcamp is an immersive learning experience for participants and will boost an innovative culture throughout the whole organization. At the same time it also leads to real results. On average, 5 multi-disciplinary teams will develop five ideas into a business concept. The result is an executive pitch where the executive panel invests into the best concepts.

Tools, coaching & design support

Participants get an introduction to the Lean Startup methodology. They will acquire practical knowledge to use Customer Journeys and Paper Prototyping tools. During the course they will learn how to make concept tangible in order to capture user feedback.

Welcome in the startup scene! (Berlin, London…)

Innovation Bootcamps take place outside of the company walls, in spaces that breath entrepreneurship and quirkiness. When we take corporate teams to a place like betahaus (Berlin), you immediately feel the change in mindset when they start interacting with the startup community hosted there. Typically we also include a pitching moment by local ventures.

Result: Executive investment pitch

Corporate managers tend to be trained to have a business case reflex: when a new business idea pops up, they dive into Excel and Powerpoint to make a nice-looking business case. In the bootcamp we first focus on mockups and customer testing, before getting into the financials. The end result is an executive pitch, including a mockup, proof of customer interest, and a business model. It’s up to the executive panel to invest and decide to develop the new product, service or business model.

Pitch your ideas

Brainstorm with your team

4-day Innovation Bootcamp program

It is a highly intensive program in which multi-disciplinary teams develop promising innovations that they are passionate about. Below you find a general overview of the program. Each bootcamp program run is tailored to your organization of course.

  • Defining the scope: types of innovation, expected results,…
  • Bootcamps can be organized around specific themes (e.g. Sustainability)
  • Defining the audience and potential participants

Inspiration & idea selection
  • Communication campaign to your audience (employees, partners,…)
  • Provide inspiration & training to come up with amazing ideas
  • Pre-selection of the the best ideas
  • Presentation of the selected ideas
  • Assembling the bootcamp teams

Day 1

Focused on ideation
  • Start at 2:00 PM
  • All ideas are presented to the whole group and mentors

    Teams start shaping their ideas: job-to-be-done, stakeholders,…

    Late evening development (with startup’s pizza meal!)


Day 2

Value Proposition & Prototyping
  • Full day
  • Teams develop their ideas like real entrepreneurs

    We provide the right frameworks and coaching

    Designers join the teams to prototype their ideas

    Teams should end with a clear value proposition & 1st prototype

Next: 2 weeks to test & prototype

  • Like a startup, teams have to go out to (internal) clients
  • And test their prototype internally or in the market
  • Gather additional data through research and interviews
  • Analyze feedback and iterate

Day 3

  • Start at 2:00 PM
  • Pitch results of testing weeks to each other

    Develop the business case & investment needed

    Dry-run of the presentation to mentors


Day 4

Focused on development
  • Start at 2:00 PM
  • Further development of business case & prototype

    We’ll invite designers so teams can improve their presentation

    Final pitch to Executive Panel (pitch incl. prototype, proof of interest, and business model)

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