Corporate innovation blueprint session

A focused innovation blueprint session to support the innovation team to set up new corporate innovation initiatives, based on our diverse experience in the field.

Mapping innovation in a structured process

The goal of this session is to co-create a structured innovation process that is tailored to your organization. We support the innovation team to design and optionally with the roll-out of this new processes, with the aim of creating and achieving a successful innovation strategy. During this process, we use case examples and share our experience to increase the chance of success of your innovation process.

Board of innovation helped us to design a novel innovation strategy and translate it into a structured process. Together we were able to build a tailored process that was applicable in our specific industry. During hands-on workshops, we co-created a useful toolkit hat we plan to re-use for future innovation programs.Richard Battria Utermann - Medical director at Roche Diagnostics

Executive innovation strategy alignment

Hands-on innovation blueprint session

Clarifying corporate success cases

Key building blocks:

Board of innovation uses a framework that contains 5 key elements as cornerstones for the creation of the innovation strategy.

  • Leadership: How to identify ambitions and create commitment among executives?
  • People: How to support and/or attract innovative people to grow?
  • Resources: What are the required resources to succeed?
  • Governance: How to set up the leadership, support and execution of innovation within our organization?
  • Environment: How can we make ourselves more flexible while tracking progress.


During a 1-2 day workshop facilitate an intensive co-creation session with the core innovation team to:

  • Align expectations & vision of different stakeholders.
  • Share inspiring cases to bring in external insights and experience.
  • Evaluate different ways to set up an innovation process
  • Build a first blueprint for the planned innovation initiatives
  • Create a draft planning of the innovation process.

Deep Dive

Before we do the actual blueprint session we do an Intake on current state of the organization (e.g. strategy, process, culture,..). Hereby we can interview different stakeholders in the organization and of the innovation team. Hereby potential barriers & accelerators of the future innovation strategy could be identified


Follow up consulting support. When you are satisfied with our services, we offer hands-on follow up support for the further set up and roll-out of the designed innovation programs.

Design the Process

Tailored Toolbox

Designed for different levels:

  • Global / corporate
  • Regional & country
  • Business Unit
  • Specialist Innovation Team

Participants should be:

  • Open-minded
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Action-driven
  • Not afraid of failure
  • Change making
  • Outside thinking (market, trends, …)

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