We’re launching: Cardrops, world’s first e-commerce deliveries in your car


We’ll deliver e-commerce parcels straight in your car. That’s right! No more running to collection points, second time deliveries, waiting at home for your package to arrive… Those days will soon be over. Cardrops is a frictionless delivery service of online purchases in your car.

While e-commerce shopping is growing, the delivery part remains a big issue. 30% of parcels are delivered at empty houses! You have to wait another day, and the delivery company takes a loss. Moreover, 1 in 2 online shoppers admit that they have left work earlier (or took a holiday) to be at home to collect a parcel. A lot of hassle … 

The solution: e-commerce deliveries in your car. Convenient. While you sleep / eat /work/… we locate your car. We will use the trunk as a smart locker. Our service will open up the trunk remotely the moment our trusted delivery partner arrives. The drop-off takes place. We securely lock your car and keep you informed via SMS. No more hassle, no worries.

Cardrops is a venture by Board of Innovation. Our mission is to help companies innovate, the start-up way. Yes, we bring new ideas to the table, but we also assist in launching them on the market as successful new ventures. 

What do you think? Partner with us to disrupt e-commerce deliveries?

Ping us at @cardrops or info@cardrops.com


I’m Philippe De Ridder, Chief @ Matterhood.co, CEO & Founder @ Board of Innovation. Spreading innovation culture is in our DNA – if you liked the read, contribute to our mission by sharing this article. 

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