The ultimate gift guide to boost innovation in your company

The holiday season is coming, wondering which gift your boss / manager will give you this year? Or even better, you are in charge of the gifts this year. Great news, we’re sharing ‘our wishlist’ with you early this year. Since 2016 was a great year for intrapreneurship, let’s fill 2017 with even more new business ideas.

At Board of Innovation, we made a list of tools, subscriptions and physical products that will stimulate innovation within your company. We can guarantee you that all of these gifts will boost the entrepreneurial mindset of the people within your organization. Here’s our ultimate gift guide!

24 hour idea validation course

Probably, lots of your employees have an idea, but aren’t quite sure if it is worth investing their time into it. The organizer of this course claims that it is possible to test an idea and get a customer in less than 24 hours. For $99 it’s definitely worth a shot.

*Do you think your organization needs more new business ideas? Make sure to have a look at our guide to organize your own innovation day. In case this guide is not enough for you & your team, you can always contact us to see how our services can match your expectations.


The Bubble software allows people to build web apps without writing a single line of code, crazy isn’t it? Their mantra is ‘build your startup by pointing and clicking’, seems like an easy way to build an MVP. For less than $120 you have a 6 month subscription, which should be enough for your employees to launch a new product, don’t you think?

Product Hunt Maker notebook

Do you want your employees to gather more new product or service ideas in 2016? Give them a note / ideabook. Luckily for you Product Hunt recently teamed up with Baron Fig to launch a ‘Maker notebook’ for $18. Not into Product Hunt? No problem, you can customize your own notebook on the Baron Fig website


This is one of my favorites in this list. Reading was always a hard to follow habit for me. Since I bought myself the Kobo Aura, I read at least 15-20 pages / day. Providing your people with a good e-reader will make sure they keep up their reading and gather more information on several topics. In my opinion the good ones are starting at $50.


Make your team DrawAttention! Explained simply, this is a whiteboard for your laptop or tablet. It only costs $11 and it will bring infinite brainstorms to your office floors.

Business Model Kit

Yep, shameless referral to our own business model kit in this list. But hey, since many corporates are using this tool, we don’t wanted you to miss it. By giving your employees this €99 kit, they can visualize fresh business models to bring new revenue streams to your company.

PS: If you subscribe to our newsletter, you can download all blocks digitally for free!

Plane Ticket to startup walhalla

Booking your team a flight to a startup city like San Francisco or Tel Aviv can bring many benefits to your company. Your people can discover lots of new products and services in these areas. Startuptravels even created these magnificent city guides to connect your team with a startup ecosystem the best way possible.

Startup Vitamins Voucher

Ever heard of the Startup Vitamins Voucher webshop? They sell posters, wall decals, t-shirts, … with motivational quotes to boost intrapreneurship within your company. They also created a little book called ‘Get Sh*t done’, it’s filled with inspiring quotes like “Success is never getting to the bottom of your to do list”. 

*Want to cheer up your office without spending a lot money on it? You can download a free set of innovation posters on our website.

Strategyzer webapp

This tool is based on the books ‘Business Model Generation’ & ‘Value Proposition Design’. While using this, your managers will be able to test and share business models with their team in real time.

Remarkable books on innovation for 20€ or less

  • The Lean Startup: Goodread on how to use continuous innovation to create successful businesses.
  • Where good ideas come from: A good view on the natural history of innovation in 352 pages.
  • Business Model Generation: This book teaches you how to systematically understand, design & differentiate your business model.
  • Value Proposition Design: This goodread helps you tackle a core challenge of every business—creating compelling products and services customers want to buy.
  • Running lean: A great book on the strategy you need, to achieve a product/market fit.
  • Startup Owner’s Manual: This 608-page how-to guide contains step-by-step instructions on building successful, scalable, profitable startups.

Innovation events: 500$-2500$

Networking, workshops & pure innovation knowledge from top-notch speakers. What more can you give to the innovation professionals in your company? You might want to take a look at these upcoming events: Innovation Roundtable, Tedx events, Web Summit & Innov8rs (you can meet us here for sure).

Oyster book reading ($119 / year)

A subscription for the ‘Netflix of the books’ will definitely widen the knowledge of your employees. It’s a musthave app for bookworms. For the price of $9.95 / month you get access to a million books, all available on your apple devices.

Brain train apps

There are some great apps to improve your brain’s overall functioning. Do you want your people to become more creative or productive? Or even better: do you want to train their attention, speed, flexibility and/or ability to solve problems? Apps like Headspace, & Lumosity will help them achieve these goals. Subscriptions are starting from $48 / year.

*Does your feeling tells you that your employees are not creative enough? We developed a Innovation & Creativity training with dedicated exercises & ideation tools to help them gather more product, service and business concepts. You can always reach out for more info.


Bad habits are hard to break, temptation kicks in easily and wins most of the time. With Pavlok, people can train their brain to dislike those bad habits (smoking, nail-biting, unhealthy eating, overspending and more). This gadget will transform your employees for the better!

So far our wishlist, I hope it gives you some inspiration to find the right gift. If you have some other great ‘innovative’ gifts in mind, feel free to reach out. Inspiration is only valuable when it gets shared. I’d love to hear what you are getting your people or the other way around.


I’m Yannick Khayati, Growth Expert & Managing Partner @ The Growth Revolution. Spreading innovation culture is in Board of Innovation’s DNA – if you liked the read, contribute to their mission by sharing this article.

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