The business of attention selling:

What is the monetary value of one’s attention? That is the main problem tries to solve. They offer an auction platform to those who have such a busy life that their inboxes fill up to a level that they’re unable to handle the load of daily messages. As a result many emails remain unread. MyAttn gives emailers the opportunity to place a bid for the valuable attention of the receiver. Those who place the highest bids will have more chance that the busy reader will open their emails first. By opening the highest bids, the receiver could make a few dollars. Although the revenue model of isn’t clear, we may expect that they take a small commission per transaction. revenue model example of

Attention auctions aren’t new. We see them in a variety of industries. But somehow paying for attention feels unethical. In the start-up scene for instance young entrepreneurs pay big loads of money for a few minutes of attention of busy VC’s. This activity, paying to pitch for investors, receives lots of critique these days. But in the end, attention selling in times of information overload remains a ‘good’ business concept. On the other hand, isn’t the best format to do so.

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