This is how launching on Product Hunt for the first time, hammered our expectations

Last week, we launched our Business Model Kit to the Product Hunt community. It was the first time Nick and I launched a product on PH, so this blogpost is a great opportunity to look back on this (great) experience.

Our project

Unlike many other projects on Product Hunt, our business model kit is not a new product. We had been using our kit for a while during the trainings and workshops we facilitated for huge companies such as Adidas, Philips and Cisco. As an innovation consultancy, we always work with corporates. Somehow, we thought it was time to make entrepreneurs and startups familiar with our tool. Since we are big fans and daily followers of Product Hunt, we knew that this would be the perfect way to demonstrate that our BM kit is a great tool for startups as well.

Our approach

Since we’ve never submitted anything to Product Hunt before, I thought it might be quite useful to contact someone who takes care of their community. That’s how I got in touch with Bram Kanstein, the creator of Startup Stash, the most-upvoted product so far. After asking him 100.000 questions, he helped us set up a great post. First thing we did was rebuild our landing page. The page we had contained too much information. It had to be shorter, so the message would be clearer. I replaced all information with a short video and text message on how Product Hunters should use our kit.  When people came to this lander, first thing they saw was an offer to download the digital version of our business model kit for free and that the actual kit came with a 20% discount.

The day of the launch, we sent a newsletter, DM’s / tweets to over 250 ‘influencers’, … We just shared the news on all our channels and with as many people as possible. Important note was that we didn’t ask for ‘upvotes’ in our message, we just wanted people to ‘join the conversation’.

In the days after our campaign, I took the time to thank all our upvoters. With this easy ‘hack’, you can export a list with all the twitter names of the people who upvoted. I pulled this trick and used Sujan Patel’s great tool to send all these people a ‘thank you tweet’. Of course I mentioned our newsletter, which gave access to a free set of other innovation tools.

Our results

Nevertheless our business model kit is for sale, but our goal wasn’t to sell tons of them. As said, we just wanted to introduce our tool to the Product Hunt (entrepreneurial) community. Feedback was what we needed, and it’s definitely what we got. Except one remark on our pricing (which was actually true, but we can’t lower the price because we don’t buy these kits in large amounts), all reactions were positive. My personal expectation was that we would receive about 75 upvotes. With the 444 we got, my expectations were definitely hammered.

The traffic on our website almost quintupled, to + 210 sessions per hour. In the last days, our BM kit landing page got over 4.500 unique visits. To receive the free version of our kit, people had to subscribe to our newsletter, which resulted in these numbers:

  • 444 upvotes (so far)
  • 5.013 sessions to our BM kit page
  • 3.006 unique visits came directly from Product Hunt
  • 223 newsletter subscribers
  • 3 innovation trainings requests

This last number is most important to us, because that’s our core business. The business model kit is only one of the tools we use to help companies innovate like startups. We have created other tools as well, and maybe we’ll feature these ones on PH as well someday. Because one thing is sure, Ryan Hoover created a very powerful new marketing channel with PH. Hopefully I can use it again shortly.

If you liked this article but still don’t have a clue what our kit does, make sure you check out our business model examples (you can download all 30 cases for free). In case you have questions related to one of our trainings, feel free to reach out. 



I’m Yannick Khayati, Growth Expert & Managing Partner @ The Growth Revolution. Spreading innovation culture is in Board of Innovation’s DNA – if you liked the read, contribute to their mission by sharing this article.

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