Our rebranding: a fresh skin & updated missions

The journey of our rebranding took quite some energy and time, but we can finally implement our new identity.

After 8 years with the same visual language, the same logo and the same headline, rebranding Board of Innovation was not only a matter of visual language, of external communication.

It was also a trigger for the team, internally, to reflect on who we are, what makes us unique, which values we want to fight for and which missions we want to achieve. The outcome of this process included sharper mission statements and a new visual language. Welcome to our new Board of Innovation!

Trigger to rebrand?

At the end of 2016, we decided to grow. It was clear that our company had moved into another phase. The first few years after the foundation of Board of Innovation we were visibly in exploration mode. Running multiple side projects (e.g., 2012: cardrops.com) took away our attention to build the best possible innovation agency out there. So we started focussing just on that goal and entered phase 2.

We made significant progress, found product/market fit and moved in to phase 3. Thanks to the efforts of a strong team, Board of Innovation became the company that I always dreamed of: Working on the innovation programs of the largest companies out there, with an ambitious & diverse team of innovators (12 nationalities so far!)

We achieved many of our original ambitions. It was time to rethink our mission.

Three lifetime missions of Board of Innovation.

Mission 2 was our main focus already. We realized that we needed to add 2 other missions to make sure to have the impact that we’re looking for.

Mission 1: building a team with superpowers

We firmly believe that amazing things can happen when you surround yourself with the strongest people out there. To do so, we need to create the perfect context for innovation talent to grow. We don’t strive to build a company with 1000 people. E.g., I’m very proud that we could finally share our teaser for boardofinnovation.social. This will become our new not-for-profit arm of Board of Innovation. Small team, maximum impact.

Mission 2: making corporates innovate like startups

We are helping large organizations to build up innovation capabilities, so they can become more entrepreneurial and more effective in how they run innovation programs. This is how we create value and how we can keep the lights on in our office. At the same time, we don’t want to make organizations depend on us. We share our tools and methodologies, and prefer to coach and train, rather than do standard consulting, so that our clients can autonomously scale their program within their organization.

Mission 3: inspiring 100 million people

From day 1, Board of Innovation was designed as a platform to share knowledge. We always shared our tools & guides for free so others can be empowered to create change in their environment. For some, this means redesigning the business model of their startup. For others, our tools offer a guide to bring together people in Venezuela while navigating their turbulent political times. Over the years we received so many exciting stories, that we decided to go all-in. You can expect more initiatives from our side to scale up our knowledge sharing. This is precisely what gives us energy and keeps us going!

Our end goal?

By doing all of the above, we hope to create a better future.


When things change, so many people react by being conservative. Desperately trying to keep the status quo. We like to see that more people can be optimistic, to see change as a new opportunity.


There will always be challenges. But significant problems are rarely tackled by copying existing solutions. That’s why we want to emphasize the non-obvious character of solutions. Sometimes you need to re-invent everything, from the ground up. That’s where creativity comes in.


Great ideas & positivism are a decent start. But you need to get your hand dirty to make a change. The more we can nudge people to take action, to closer we get to our ideal future!

Teasers of our new branding.

We operate in a world of contrasts. With our feet, we’re grounded in the reality of today, but at the same time, we help organizations work on their long-term future. We talk about strategy but can work hands-on when needed. We understand innovation often has clear commercial business goals, but we tend to highlight the importance of the impact on talent & people. This divide between two worlds has been captured in our new logo. While the previous logo was very static, this upgraded version reflects more the movement or change we would like to see in the world.

We always loved our magenta, but we decided it was time to move on. “Energy” was one of the primary keywords clients used when asked to describe us. That’s why our most dominant color will shift to a vibrant red.

Many link innovation with technology, but we will always approach innovation with people in the center. That’s why our secondary colors have a more soft, human touch. You will notice a softer yellow & green in our branding to balance this out.

Innovation is about people, not about post-its & bean bags. You can expect a lot more focus on emotions in our imagery. In contrast with those photos, we’ve introduced whimsical abstract visuals created with ferrofluids. These liquids with magnetic properties link to hard science but in the right context can create these very organic and creative patterns.

Those that participate in our workshops & innovation programs will soon discover our redesigned slides, tools, posters, etc. In the next few weeks & months, you will see that also our other public channels will be upgraded. I’m excited and totally ready for the next phase of our organization! :)

As we believe that branding is first of all for all of you, we value your input. Do you think this new brand reinforces our values? I would love to hear your feedback: nick@boardofinnovation.com
A big shout out & thanks to all those people we were involved in this process.
Now back to work, we have ambitious missions to tackle.


I’m Nick De Mey, Co-Founder @ Board of Innovation. Spreading innovation culture is in our DNA – if you liked the read, contribute to our mission by sharing this article

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