All you need to know about ideation

Last week we hosted our ideation webinar. During this ideation deep dive Nick Bogaert shared insights about how to organize and facilitate your own ideation session, presented a detailed ideation agenda and walked you through some of our battle tested tools & techniques to guarantee you’re able to brainstorm like an expert.

Forgot to tune in? No worries, we recorded and stored the webinar right here 👇🏻

This webinar was aligned with our ideation workshop tool guide. This guide includes all the tools you need as a facilitator to smoothly run your own ideation session. Both the guide and the webinar, which emerged from our experience in running ideation sessions in diverse corporates, give answer to the following questions:

  1. Why (03:55) Discover why you should ideate and where ideation is situated in the innovation process.
  2. How (05:40) Learn how you actually facilitate an ideation workshop by taking a look at some practicalities. Get to know some essential workshop tools & the desired characteristics of the workshop facilitator and participants to get the best results out of the workshop.
  3. What (08:55) In this part of the webinar we ran a mini ideation session. We had one challenge and two tools to cope with it.
  4. Tips and tricks (30:25) Lastly we shared some tips and tricks from the frontline

Thinking of hosting your own ideation session? Check out the ideation webinar & ideation guide and you’re good to go!

Lastly, we would like to give a grateful shout-out to the 1200 subscribers & 490 online participants of our Ideation Webinar 👉🏻  high five! 


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