Mic drop: Fre’s marketing internship

Self steering organization

We wanted to write a blogpost about our internal culture @ Board of Innovation and the way we’ve transitioned to a self-steering organization.

It looks like we don’t need to write this blogpost anymore.

We wanted to talk about innovation-driven organizations, that are radically changing their way of working by seeking purpose instead of profit, by delegating decision-making to startup-size teams instead of controlling, by enhancing the importance of learning over winning.

This transformation, this epochal shift from control-driven to trust-driven organizations, is primarily a cultural transformation, as it requires not only different processes in place, but also employees who can think differently, who can feel empowered to reach a goal, who are able to experiment and learn from mistakes.

We wanted to talk about all of this, but then Frederik, Intern @ Board of Innovation, summed it up in his farewell message on Slack, and left us no better words to describe the challenges and the benefit that such organizational culture can unveil.

Today’s Frederik’s last day @ Board of Innovation to go back to his studies – we wish him the very best. Cheers! 


I’m Giorgio Riva Orsucci, Freelance Digital Creative. Spreading innovation culture is in Board of Innovation’s DNA – if you liked the read, contribute to their mission by sharing this article.

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