How to Make Money With An App (and other business model ideas to explore)

Nick De MeyBusiness Model Innovation

(this post is a summary of the Keynote presentation I did at the European Innovation Academy) Since we launched our consultancy years ago, I must have guided close to 1000 corporate start-ups. Of course, I guided some just for a day, while others were for six months or more! One topic that I regularly covered in these consultancy tracks & accelerator programs … Read More

100+ sources that every innovation professional should know

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Running innovation projects is hard. By definition you’re doing new things so you can’t rely on old habits and routines. If you and your innovation team don’t feel uncomfortable, you’re simply not innovating. That doesn’t mean you’ll need to fly blind. At every moment in your innovation process you can use toinnools, references, checklists and other innovation methods. We do … Read More

What is a Business Model Innovation Capability?

Nick De MeyBusiness Model Innovation

business model capability

This article discusses the scope of an innovation capability and the perspective of top down and bottom up business model innovation. In a recent client conversation, we discussed visions for an Innovation Capability. In the same week, we had a conversation with another company about a Business Model Innovation Capability. Interestingly the topics and questions we discussed were very similar … Read More

Business Model Innovation at the bottom of the pyramid

Vincent PirenneBusiness Model Innovation

Healthcare case study - How to apply Business Model Innovation at the bottom of the pyramid?

BMI for NGO’s in Southeast Asia I recently visited Myanmar to support a group of NGO’s and corporates in healthcare to innovate at the bottom of the pyramid. We are all very enthusiastic about the result and the journey we’ve gone through so I would love to share this experience with you. The Context I’ve collaborated with Pepal, an NGO that … Read More

How to design your own innovation accelerator: a checklist

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I decided to write a post to give you some insights on how we designed our latest accelerator program and what we learned from it. We recently finished an exciting dragons’ den of an innovation accelerator program for Owens-Illinois (O-I). O-I is the global market leader in the production of glass bottles (listed in the fortune 500). Fun-fact: Approximately one of every … Read More

Is your startup idea already taken? This graphic will tell you.

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How do cross-industry founders such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson manage to launch multi-billion-dollar companies one after the other in totally different industries? They are gifted with the talent to copy and remix between businesses: 1. Recognizing the success stories in one business. 2. Shaping these success stories into abstract business patterns. 3. Zooming in on another industry and translating the patterns … Read More

This is how launching on Product Hunt for the first time, hammered our expectations.

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Last week, we launched our Business Model Kit to the Product Hunt community. It was the first time Nick and I launched a product on PH, so this blogpost is a great opportunity to look back on this (great) experience. Our Project Unlike many other projects on Product Hunt, our business model kit is not a new product. We had … Read More

Analyzed: Product Hunt business models

Yannick KhayatiBoard Of Innovation, Business Model Innovation

With our business model kit launching on Product Hunt, it’s the right moment to take a good look at some business models of products that were there before us.. To give Product Hunters a clear idea of what they can do with our kit, we’ve analyzed the business models of our 3 favourite hunts. Pexels (Product Hunt link) The first one … Read More

Our predictions: what happened in the last 100 days?

Nick De MeyBusiness Model Innovation

When we run an intrapreneurship program in a large corporate, we aim to push participants out their comfort zone. During several  exercises intrapreneurs have to brainstorm on what the future could bring to their organisation. Spotting emerging trends & technology is never easy.   To speed up this process we’ve create a FutureScan Poster with +200 predictions. Allow me to zoom … Read More

How last year’s hottest startup is making money from their ‘free’ HR software

Yannick KhayatiBoard Of Innovation, Business Model Innovation

Recently, the hottest startup of 2014, Zenefits raised another $500 million and got a $4.5 billion valuation. Time for us to analyse their business model, how are they making money from their ‘free’ HR software? Let’s start with the product, Zenefits is offering free cloud-based HR software to any company. So companies can centralise all of their employees’ information in … Read More

27 options to find revenues for your new B2C idea

Arne Van BalenBoard Of Innovation, Business Model Innovation

Why did we make a tool to find new revenues? As an agency specialised in business model innovation, we support our clients to develop sustainable new revenue streams. By asking the right questions, different options to ‘cash in on your new idea’ will arise. Unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at the same time. That’s why we made a flowchart to help … Read More

Startups that bring Magic (read: ultimate convenience for users)

Nick De MeyBusiness Model Innovation

One of the most dangerous competitors you can face is a new market entrant with an exceptional offering of convenience. Many customer realise time is often more valuable than money. New startups that create a magical experience by absoring all the complexity on them have a powerful value proposition. We’ve handpicked +30 examples of startups (+ Amazon, who sets the … Read More

Quick-wins to find new profit for your company.

Nick De MeyBusiness Model Innovation

Don’t try to be Google, Apple or Amazon. Be a smart follower. When you need new revenue for your company, chances are that you don’t have the resources to go head-to-head with the giants in your industry. But often the innovators are opening up new needs. Follow in their tracks and pick up the cherries they leave behind. Here are … Read More

iWatch concepts? You’re doing it wrong. Focus on the business model instead.

Nick De MeyBusiness Model Innovation

Although I was schooled as an industrial designer, I’ll give you a non-design-ish view on what to expect from the upcoming ‘iWatch’. If you’re looking for shiny, wet-dream mockups by fellow designers, I can point you to this endless stream of iWatch concepts that miss the mark. 99% of them strap a mini smartphone to your wrist (are you serious?). … Read More