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Experiments & pivots that kept Emirates Airlines alive in COVID times

Adaptability is key in crisis times. When looking at the different industries impacted most by the current pandemic, you will be able to spot several players that are showing more agility than others. Since the start of our Low Touch Economy series, we’ve kept a close eye on the airline business. Within this field, Emirates Airlines seems to stand out. Let’s have a closer look!

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B2B vs B2C: A very different circular business model challenge

The success in adopting a circular business model (CBM) varies greatly from one business to another, as it depends on the stakeholders and customers-alike buying in, every step of the way. This article looks at factors that can potentially challenge B2C and B2B in specific use cases; of which the findings may be used to identify hangups and important areas of focus for future CBM strategies.

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10 circular business model examples

Circular economy business models come in all shapes and sizes, depending on where they occur in the value chain. This diversity is what makes a circular economy dynamic and genuinely circular. This section describes some circular business model examples we think are great.

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Broadcast industry lessons in the time of coronavirus

When the Coronavirus pandemic forced many entertainment and broadcasting agencies to suspend operations, they were pushed to innovate on the fly. We spoke with Stijn Lehaen, CTO of VRT, to find out the challenges his team overcame, the limits of current technology, and the long-term impact this will have on the industry.

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Building trust and personal connections in the Low Touch Economy

The last few months were not easy for any professional who, in normal times, relies on being close with their customer. E.g. Sales representatives, fundraisers, recruiters… and still are, reinventing how to do business. We collected plenty of feedback from different industries. The following list can give some inspiration on how to create more valuable interactions.

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The price of a cheap supply chain. Are you willing to take the risk?

While logistics innovations have enabled companies to build global supply chains that allow them to operate wherever and however they want, the Covid19 outbreak has exposed risks that most companies were neither aware of nor prepared for. A better trade-off between costs and risks is needed to ensure the resilience of global supply chains and with it the stability of the world economy.

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Let’s speak the same innovation language

We’ve created two new resources to help you understand and explain what key innovation terms mean. Use our Innovation Glossary and Innovation Taboo game to interpret complicated themes and find jargon-free ways to break them down for interdisciplinary teams.

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5 Steps to create an international team of innovation catalysts

Create an international team of innovation catalysts in 5 steps

In early 2019, Cigna International engaged Board of Innovation to help accelerate their innovation capability by establishing a global innovation network. Not only did we recruit and build an international, cross-functional team of innovators, we kick-started their journey with a hands on, 3-month sprint. After being introduced to Design Thinking tools and encouraged to develop an innovation mindset, teams tackled one of Cigna’s critical business challenges.

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5 innovative ways to hack your business model

Innovation is often associated with the creation of new products and services. However, this type of innovation fails to provide the highest return on investment. Take a look at these 5 unique business models and learn why innovating your business model is a great investment.

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Confessions of a newcomer

In a few short weeks since my arrival at Board of Innovation, I’ve learned that this is a workplace culture that is exceptionally good at nurturing the full potential of its staff.

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Laws in the driverless future: what to expect

The future of mobility is a much-discussed topic as the automotive industry races to get to Level 5 automation (no driver required). But a somewhat less-discussed issue around autonomous vehicles is how governments will shape public policy once cars become 100% hands-free.

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10 innovative FinTech business models

From opening accounts to insurance underwriting and credit profiling, FinTech startups are piggybacking on the various services of traditional banks and flipping the conventional business models in the financial industry.

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Orange Fab startup accelerator: one year later

One year ago, Orange Belgium launched its first “Orange Fab” with Board of Innovation’s help. Part of an international network of customized accelerators, the 3-month program offered startups a chance to test their business on the Belgian and Luxembourgish markets.

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Executive pitch do’s and don’ts

We believe that the best business idea should result in stakeholder buy-in. If the pitch is right, and the solution is validated and the business case makes sense, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. But this isn’t always the way it goes. That’s why we’re sharing our know-how so that the jury’s only choice is to say yes.

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First we take Manhattan…

It’s time we got square. We’re expanding our international presence, one city at a time. First stop: New York City. Here’s how we plan to get down to innovation business in the City that Never Sleeps.

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