Brussels Airport holds an Innovation Challenge to improve passenger experience

Employees at Brussels Airport help passengers' airport experience take off through a customer-centric ideas contest.

Getting off the ground - Creating an brainstorming hive

As a state of the art, busy airport in the heart of Europe, Brussels Airport was searching for innovative ways to improve their passengers’ journey from their home, to and through the airport, and back again. With Board of Innovation’s help, Brussels Airport put the challenge to its employees in the form of an internal ideas competition. Launched in August, the goal of the project was to involve all employees in creating the best passenger experience possible.

Sky's the limit - Dreaming up innovative ideas

Board of Innovation led two Design Thinking crash courses in September, training over 40 participants in creative problem solving. The employees who could not attend the crash courses were able to revise the design thinking process via an online webinar. 

Board of Innovation hosted three coaching sessions for feedback and advice before employees were given the opportunity to submit their favourite ideas through the Typeform platform on a tailored website. Once the ideas took flight, the team selected which ideas would enter the next round. All the employees could indicate which ideas they found most promising.

At the end of the process, 54 innovative ideas were submitted and a total of 230 employees cast their vote on their top 3!

Brussels Airport holds Innovation Challenge to improve passenger experience

Executive decision - Which team makes the cut

Based on the employee voting process, the final 5 ideas were selected by a jury. The teams of finalists went through a workshop process to refine their pitches and to prepare them for their jury presentation. They pitched their ideas before a 3-person board of executives, as well as an independent candidate invited from telecom heavyweight, Orange.

Prepare for landing - Turning the winning idea into a reality

The jury weighed the pros and cons of each pitch against a checklist, and the winning team will take part in a two-day sprint in February. They’ll gain customer insight and create a prototype of the product to implement their idea at the airport. Stay tuned for changes at Brussels Airport, coming soon.

In case you need some extra support you can reach out to coach and guide your team. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our tools page for more free innovation tools.

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