Become a guinea pig for our new foresight agency

The founder of Board of Innovation has launched a new foresight agency. Join our experiment to build the future.

Board of Innovation is growing exponentially. New people join our team every other week. We’re also expanding geographically with the launch of our New York office.

As the founder of Board of Innovation, it’s exciting to see that the company we started so many years ago is now running at full speed.

But we’re not stopping there.

Those following our channels will have noticed another brand, Venturesight. This brand is an entrepreneurial experiment born out of Board of Innovation. At Board, if our team members or partners spot an opportunity in the market, they have the opportunity to pitch their concept and then launch a new initiative. We want to experiment with new offerings on a continual basis. As such, I will lead our very first strategic experiment in the form of Venturesight, a new foresight agency. And we’d like to work with you, our partners, to develop it.

Through working with us, you will gain a clearer vision of the long-term future and better market positioning as technology radically changes the business landscape.

What is Venturesight?

Under this new umbrella brand, we are bringing together all our collective experience linked to previous future exploration programs. A separate foresight agency within Board of Innovation gives us more freedom to experiment with business models, pricing, formats, etc.

2 deliverables: foresight & venture building

We plan to do two things with Venturesight:

1) Design future scenarios through a data-driven and analytical approach. We are in the process of documenting what the future will look like in the year 2025. For now, we are zooming in on 2 industries: mobility & life science. This first deliverable has an inspirational angle, although we want to avoid futurist-speak and thought leader hype as much as possible. Insights need to be grounded in reality. One of the tools we use to get relevant data is our crowdsourced Venturesight prediction platform.

2) Once we have fully explored what the future could bring for your industry and gained more clarity, we turn these long-term scenarios into short-term Venture Concepts. With them, you get concrete new product and service ideas that you would be able to launch within the next two years. Venture Concepts allow you to begin testing your assumptions about the long-term future.


Validating Venturesight

Depending on what we learn about the future market, Venturesight can evolve in different directions.

    1. We find product/market fit. Venturesight grows into a fully independent brand with a dedicated team.
    2. We spot a clear need within our client base, but it makes more sense to just grow this under the existing brand of Board of Innovation.
    3. Worst case (although a good lesson), future exploration units in large corporations don’t value our proposition. In that case, we will regroup and redirect our focus on other opportunities.

Time…and the future…will tell.

Wanted: Guinea pigs

Over the next 2 months, we will be testing 5 foresight exploration tracks. We work in 6-week cycles with clear deliverables defined by you. If you want to be part of this development discovery track, feel free to reach out to me at


I’m Nick De Mey, co-founder and strategist of Board of Innovation. Let’s talk!

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