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Our consultants move heaven and earth to help businesses innovate in a relevant and meaningful way. But how do we keep raising the bar even more? To facilitate the needs of our customers on a different level we set out a new goal for ourselves: becoming half human and half machine. Sounds a bit sci-fi or scary? Not at all! In Board of Innovation’s Tech Lab, technology is key for an effective and efficient innovation process. That’s exactly why we’re nurturing our very first Virtual Consultant to help businesses innovate.

Raising a virtual innovation consultant

Some of you might be familiar with our innovation A to Z tool, which gives a complete overview of the innovation funnel. This tool helps you and your venture team assess the maturity of a project or idea. The +/- 20 steps guide you through the innovation process and offer clear and hands-on advice. It includes everything you need to launch new products and services or to re-design and improve existing ones. Some of our clients (a shout out to Malcolm, Paul and Hiroshi!) working with our innovation A to Z tool suggested we’d build a chatbot based on our tool.

We decided to tackle this challenge head-on and use our own know-how to create a virtual consultant, with the aim for it to be more than just a chat bot one day.
Our Tech Lab uses technology to test innovation methods to help corporations build new businesses. And now we’re applying that knowledge to bring our virtual consultant to life. Exciting? Definitely! Charming? Not yet. Before you start fantasizing about chatting with a robot that’s nearly as delightful as Scarlett Johansson in the movie “Her”, let us give you an honest update.

When our virtual consultant grows up…

A smart virtual consultant that can process natural language is one of our main aspirations. A tool that will give our consultants at Board of Innovation the superpower to become half machine. To achieve that, we’re collaborating with one of our skilled partners Chatlayer, a spin-off of Faktion, experts in A.I.. They created a basis for what will become our legendary –and charming- virtual consultant. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well, to raise a virtual consultant, all it takes is Chatlayer’s chatbot canvas. At this point we’re definitely still in a start-up phase and working hard to transform the chatbot into a valued consultant.

Wondering what to expect? At this moment it’s a basic chatbot that guides you through the Innovation A to Z decision tree by asking simple questions. You respond by clicking the appropriate answer. Check out our beta version down below.

Meet our virtual consultant

It will guide you through the innovation funnel, with tips & tricks, tools, and related methodologies.

While collecting your feedback on this beta version, our Tech Lab and Chatlayer are dreaming up our next move. You could say we’re raising it to become more than a bot.   We might raise it to be a voice bot so you can talk to the virtual consultant as if it were a human. Imagine having your very own J.A.R.V.I.S. and feeling like Iron Man himself.

Not a Marvel fan? We could also opt to integrate the virtual consultant into webinars, Slack or Messenger; whenever you have a question in your day-to-day workflow you can turn to your loyal virtual consultant!

We’re very curious about how you envision the perfect virtual consultant. What do you think our virtual consultant should be when it grows up? What are the main problems it could solve for you? Feel free to share your ideas!

Want to adopt our Virtual Consultant or Tech Lab?

Did all this talk about Tech Lab and virtuaI consultants get you excited? You’re in luck! Our Tech Lab doesn’t just work on in-house projects but can also create opportunities for your company.
Together with Chatlayer we can demonstrate what conversational agents can do for your company. Our -human- consultants are eager to blow your mind during one of our Tech Lab workshops.

Through our workshops and custom research projects, we help you discover what technology can do to supercharge your innovation process in order to help you build new business faster and better.

Is it our virtual consultant that sparked your interest? We’re happy to license the virtual consultant for your business or even build your own smart chatbot. Get in touch if you have a specific request or just want to know more about this tool.

Is your company craving more effective innovation?

We can demonstrate what conversational agents and vocal computing technology can do for your company or how we can create a virtual consultant for your business.


I’m Julie de la Kethulle de Ryhove, Business Lead @ Tech Lab (Board of Innovation). Spreading innovation culture is in our DNA – if you liked the read, contribute to our mission by sharing this article.

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