A genuine thank you to our founders

Our founders are awesomesauce!

It’s rare to find someone you can be truly inspired by. Someone that you can learn from on a daily basis. Someone that challenges you to bring out the best in yourself. Someone that is so good at what he does, it seems effortless (and kinda ridiculous that it takes you 4 times as long).


The coincidence is, at  Board of Innovation we work for two of those people. Nick, our future Guru and Philippe, our very own captain fantastic. It’s truly impressive what they have achieved with their little 7-year old venture.

And because of this (and because they’re just awesome) we decided to thank them and give you some personal insight into what makes these two gentlemen the best founders to work for!

Quotes from the team

“As a young company, Board of innovation is constantly changing, whether through new types of projects, new team members or any other new challenge along the road. What makes BOI ‘work’ is that while everyone is putting their best foot forward to provide quality material, the human aspect is never overlooked. Both Nick and Phil are true ambassadors of this vision.

They harbor and nurture the enticing combination of an ambitious ‘raise-the-bar’-mindset and an informal and incredibly warm culture. This is what fuels all of us to go the extra mile.”

“After a massive bore-out at my previous employer here I am a couple of months later feeling excited, happy, confused, mind blown, challenged, nervous in a good way, motivated, ping-ponged, inspired, liked, appreciated … and I’m loving every minute of it. Thank you for doing what you do, being who you are and making my professional life better in so many ways!  I’m a much happier person thanks to you guys!”

Thank you for doing what you do, being who you are and making my professional life better in so many ways!  I’m a much happier person thanks to you guys!”

“it’s incredible how complementary they are, each with their own great talents. Yet when the going gets tough it’s riveting to see them take on each other’s challenges as well. And excel at it every single time.”

“From the go, I received trust and responsibilities over things I never did before. All the while Nick and Phil always had my back. This is what made me grow extremely fast. Today, I take on that role myself for new less experienced colleagues in the team. I realize now, that giving that control away is so damn difficult. My tons of admiration grew into tons of respect. Thanks for the trust, the belief that we will deliver and raising the bar when necessary.”

“Every single conversation I have with either of them, I learn something new. Be it about where the world as a whole is heading, the pro’s and cons of certain technologies, an interesting new exercise to use in a workshop or by turning a challenge on its head and asking the right questions. These guys truly inspire me.

“They work so damn hard. It’s just ridiculous.
I mean, like, WTF.”

“I know they have our back and they are looking out for our best interests, that’s how they gain the trust of the team who in return is more motivated to achieve. Yes, we are blessed to have such great guys in the driving seat.”

From the bottom of our hearts …

THANK YOU and a Merry Christmas, guys!

 Cheers from the BOI team!


I’m Peter Goossens, Head of Marketing @ Board of Innovation. Spreading innovation culture is in our DNA – if you liked the read, contribute to our mission by sharing this article.

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