We came up with 30 ideas that big corporates should definitely implement


Last week we had some afterwork fun coming up with ideas which large companies should implement. At first it just seemed like a random ideation for fun, but then I noticed we came up with some really great innovations. I made a Google Sheet and invited some of my team to add their ideas. As soon as we reached #50 I realized a new post for our blog was born.

In the past years, consultants of Board of Innovation have facilitated lots of ideation sessions. We did this with the biggest companies in the world, from Adidas to Cisco and from Philips to Volkswagen. Of course the generated ideas always stay within the corporate walls. That’s why we loved coming up with some new products, services and even business model changes for companies we haven’t done business with yet.

At the end, we decided it would be too much to share all of these ideas, because some of them were really ridiculous. Imagine Durex launching a condom which changes colour if it detects an STD. It’s definitely not a bad idea, but just think of the moment you realize the colour changes, too crazy, isn’t it?

So we limited our list to 30 ideas. You probably won’t like all of them, but if you have a favourite you’d love to see become reality, feel free to share this post and tag the company linked to your favourite idea!

Okay, let’s go … here are all 30 of them:


Hey Home Depot, why can’t I borrow tools like at a library?


Hey Youtube, why don’t you just ask me what ads I want to see? Like creating a personalized “ad-profile”.


Hey Motorola, when can I build my own phone, with the components I want?


Hey Ralph Lauren, could you lease out sharp looking clothes to startups, for when they have important meetings?


Hey Footlocker, can I subscribe to a sneaker cleaning service? (I expect a discount if I buy my shoes from you!)


Hey Netflix, could you offer big watchers the opportunity to test new shows? It could earn them a discount on their subscription.


Hey Blizzard, why aren’t there in-game radio shows yet?


Hey Urban Outfitters, why don’t you incubate small clothing line brands?


Hey Under Armour, could smart sensors in your clothing connect to a fitness tracker to help people measure their muscular growth and body mass?


Hey Spotify, why can’t I pay less for access to only rock & jazz genres?


Hey Thalys, how come there isn’t a low-cost for European train travel?


Hey Vinci Autoroutes, why don’t you sell summer passes for unlimited holiday travelling?


Hey CitiBike, could you track how much I cycle and donate 1€ of my subscription to the non-profit of my choice for every 20km I ride?


Hey Pampers, could close range sensors in diapers connect to an app to show my baby’s doctor the nature of his/her stool over time?


Hey MTV, could you make a “for musicians” subscription channel, with interviews, reviews, behind the scenes and tutorials?


Hey Lego, why don’t you make Legos for professionals to use, like architects?


Hey Heathrow Airport, why isn’t there a screen or an app with all last-minute, cheap flights?


Hey Square, could you make a “universal” credit card on which consumers could cumulate all their fidelity cards?


Hey Lufthansa, why can’t I have an unlimited monthly flight subscription?


Hey McDonald’s, why don’t you partner up with Uber to deliver ‘really’ fast food directly to my door?


Hey Ikea, why can’t I download and 3D print that screw I’m missing?


Hey Moleskine, could you make a notebook that digitally backs up what I wrote?


Hey TomTom, why can’t users integrate MapMe into their GPS?


Hey Google Translate, why can’t I get real-time translation done by a native speaker?


Hey Nivea, why aren’t there spray-on sunblock cabins at famous beaches?


Hey General Motors, could you put solar-powered AC in your cars to keep them cool while they’re parked somewhere?


Hey FC Barcelona, could fans play one-on-one with Messi through Virtual Reality?


Hey Ikea, why aren’t there lease plans for people who plan to only stay for a year or two in a new place?


Hey Whirlpool, could you make a smart machine that recognizes clothes and programs the appropriate cycle for them?


Hey Discovery Channel, why don’t you make a public Q&A app?

Btw, of course it’s possible that some of these ideas already exist or that a startup launched a great alternative. In that case, you can always tell us, we love to learn new things as well.

PS: these ideas can work with different companies also, we just took the ones with the biggest international reputations.

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