3 top-notch tips for customer loyalty

The relevancy of loyalty programs is being challenged by a new generation of millennials who expect brands not just to deliver great products and services, but to offer them experiences that fit their individual identities and that they can also share with their peers.

How to make your brand addictive

1. Bring value to your customers, not coupons.

I must bite my lips every time I’m offered yet another loyalty card. Asking customers to buy something, even with a discount, is not a praise for your client’s loyalty. It is a sales trick.

2. Engage people with exceptional experiences.

Creating experiences, on the other hand, does have an impact. They elicit emotions which make your brand memorable and makes people eager to share. Everyone still remembers the KLM surprise act where they spontaneously gave relevant presents to customers based on their social profiles.

3. Create traditions! And not just your annual christmas card.

Even better experiences are recurring ones. Habits create traditions; traditions turn into values. We all love LEGO because, our parents played with it, our children are playing with it and most probably our grandchildren will do so as well. Lego has become an indispensable tool for education and creativity.

I urge all people involved in customer experience, loyalty programs, etc. to not hide behind numbers (yes, I’m talking about the NPS).

Go out and meet your customers so you can create meaningful experiences and traditions. It’s all about people because, in the end, they make up the numbers. Curious about how to put it into practice? We organise Design Thinking courses to put your customers at the centre.


I’m Anneleen Vanhoudt, Innovation Manager @ Hyperion Group. Spreading innovation culture is in Board of Innovation’s DNA – if you liked the read, contribute to their mission by sharing this article.

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