Scoping Canvas: A 1-page guide for your thought process

Ok, so: your team is working on an innovation project, and you may have discussed a roadmap, filled in a nice business model innovation canvas or even set up a war room. But do you and your team have a common ground about the most important constituents of your project? Did you ever took 30 minutes to sum them up into a brief, 1-page document?

Our ING team recently designed the scoping canvas, a 1-page innovation framework aiming to make you explicitly formalize an opinion around 8 fundamental components of every innovation project.

This tool was initially designed for teams working on incremental innovation, but it very much applies to every person in the world who has an innovative business proposition. 

Pro tip

Focus on the problem and its context and keep an open mind – the team might come up with different solutions.

In case you need some extra support you can hire a Lean Entrepreneur to coach and guide your innovation team. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our tools page for more free innovation tools

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