Hack: Build an innovation library

Need more structured knowledge? Nothing better than a good book. They don’t switch off when you run out of battery, and they magically decrease the average time needed to fall asleep by 90%.

Ask for a €100 budget to build a mini Innovation Library for your team. Here are a couple of fundamental titles:

The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries.

The revolutionary book that unveiled the efficient way to go from idea to market fit. It is as mainstream as it is good.

Lean B2B, by Etienne Garbugli.

How to apply Lean Startup in a B2B context.

This is Service Design Thinking, by Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider.

The Bible of Service Deisgn, with multiple tools that every team can use.

No time to read a whole book? There’s an App for that too. It’s called Blinkist: it reads the books for you and offers summaries of great non-fiction books.

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If you’re reading this text, you’re already many steps ahead of building an organization that embraces Innovation not only strategically, but on a cultural, organizational level. We wrote “52 Hacks for Innovation-driven organizations” to help every single team to embrace Innovation in the daily routine, and to develop a mindset for success.

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