Hack: connect with one (or more) startups nearby1 min read

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Connect with a startup in your industry and meet with the team. You’ll get inspired by the agility and flexibility of the small team, by the passion that drives it, by the modernity of the business model, and by the extreme customer centricity.

One of the best ways to gain inspiration is through direct experience. Connect with one (or more) startup which is trying to disrupt your business (e.g., select a fintech startup if you are a bank) and go and visit them together with your team. To find the right startup(s), you can scout startup events, ask the organizers of pitch nights, connect with us and our network of entrepreneurs to inject intrapreneurship in your organization or look for an online “startup map” of your city.

Our favorite database of startups and innovative companies? Tracxn.com  The free version lets you browse up to 20 innovative companies per city.

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