2018 Trends: read, then what?

Tech and trend matrix

How many 2018 trends articles have you saved for later – but not read?
How many times have such articles inspired you about the future – but not led to any follow-up steps?

If you’re involved in innovation, you have no doubt found yourself confronted with an abundance of information regarding future trends and tech predictions for 2018.  We often notice that, even though people frequently process tech/trend information, they are unsure where to start using these insights to level up their offerings and eventually ‘future-prove’ their business models.

We made our tool “how might we / trends matrix” available to make you and your team take quick action on the basis of new trends.

The Matrix connects technological or societal trends of your choice, to specific “How Might We” statements that apply to your company: in this way, your brainstorm session will trigger business opportunities that both leverage new trends and solve existing problems that your company is trying to solve.

First, plot on the vertical axis the How Might We statements that define your innovation challenge.

Then plot on the horizontal axis the trends (either technological or societal) you want to focus on. Here, it is key to view the customer as the driver behind your decision for improvement (read: select How-Might-We statements that really matter to your customer base).

By narrowing down the scope of the ideation session to a number of well-defined combos of 1 trend + 1 HMW statement, the matrix triggers new ideas and helps to take action on new trends, with a customer perspective in mind – don’t run after trends for the pure sake of doing it.


I’m Tarryn Lewis, Innovation Consultant @Board of Innovation. Spreading innovation culture is in our DNA – if you liked the read, contribute to our mission by sharing this article.

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