Building an online Idea Generator

As an innovation consultant, ideation sessions are part of my day-to-day. Unlike common beliefs; ideation is not just a matter of getting the right people in the room, adding some post-its and beers to the mix and waiting for 3 hours until the next disruptive venture is somehow brought into being.

A good ideation session is hard work! It is a structured process of guiding the right people through a number of carefully designed exercises to come up with innovative ideas – we generally keep the beers at the end of the day.

Recently Rabobank – a Fortune 500 bank – asked us to organize a train-the-trainer workshop to support their Moonshot coaches in facilitating ideation sessions on a global scale.

At the end of this workshop, all coaches received ideation toolkits from the Moonshot team. Testing out several iterations of the Moonshot ideation game made us realize that this tool was perfect for a targeted ideation exercise.

Building on the lessons learned from that project we tried to raise the bar by building an online idea generator to help changemakers around the world and across sectors to generate insightful, positive and relevant ideas.

Visit and level up the quantity and quality of your business ideas! We developed it to inspire ideation sessions, based on “How Might We” questions.

Idea Generator to trigger new business ideas

These “How Might We” statements set the team in a direction that is Solution-oriented (how), Optimistic (might) and Collaborative (we).

How Might We cards to trigger new business ideas

Special thanks to SjoerdLukasMaxKoen and George from Rabobank to help us raise the bar on this one!

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