Run your body as a business (give us your feedback on this new corporate venture)

Would you ever keep track of your sexual activity or would you like to know how high the chances are you will get cancer? For those interested, the first parameter can be monitored via apps like Kinsey Reporter. The second via DNA analysis services like For most people both data points are out of their comfort zone. While many people don’t actively track different data points of their body today, they will do in the future. (I’m testing the second service, but that’s for another story.)

Sensors are already all around us. Just look at your Facebook timeline. Chances are high some of your friends are tracking & sharing every run with a GPS equipped smartphone. “Look how far I’ve run, look at my pace,…” Annoying? Maybe, but for these people it’s just another data point they are gathering about their life. Even when you’re not using specialised sensors like Jawbone UP or Fitbit to measure data like your sleep, other services can indirectly analyse your behaviour. For example, your tweets could give away your sleep pattern, your mood or personality.

The goods news is that the more data people track about themselves, the more they can understand and optimise their life.

We coach this corporate startup: Here is their prototype!
We’re doing some coaching for a team of intrapreneurs: Project Addapp. This young venture is live only since a couple of days. They operate in the Quantified Self / eHealth domain described above. Assuming that in the future more people will become aware that there is so much data floating around about their lifes, it will become a huge challenge to make sense of these dots. Project Addapp will pull in different data points via apps like Runkeeper, Sleep Cycle, Moves and so on. Next, users will be able to find correlations between these numbers. E.g. “How will my calorie intake impact my sleep?”

Project Addapp is joining other players in this emerging field. Genomera is doing similar things but more focused on clinical studies. Tictrac or on the other hand are positioning themselves more on the visual representation of different data sets. Project Addapp lives somewhere in between and adds a gamifaction layar on top.

Do you believe in Project Addapp?
This new venture is managed by @Kouriskalligas and @MauroSibilia. Their first prototype is live. Feel free to test the service and be very blunt to share your comments (below or via As entrepreneurs they know that user feedback is the most important thing, after coffee of course.

So what do you think? Does Project Addapp make sense to you? What would you improve or take out? Shoot!

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