6 Posters for your Innovation Propaganda

Philippe De RidderInnovation Management


Study after study confirms that culture is the main roadblock for innovation in corporate organizations. Much more than a lack of ideas, lack of processes, and so on. We have experienced the same when working with many of our corporate clients. Yet it’s so incredibly hard to change your culture, and get your colleagues to adopt a more innovative mindset: accepting failure, rewarding risk-taking, more doing, acting small, etc.

We’ve designed 6 innovation posters to inspire and tease your team and colleagues. Our overall goal is to make corporates innovate like startups. Of course executive buy-in, alignment, processes, are all important too. But nothing tops a grass-roots innovation campaign, right?

Roger Bloem working at NS – the Dutch railway company – was the first today to cheer up their office with two posters, and share a picture via twitter. Many thanks Roger!

Are you ready to start your own innovation propaganda? Download and print any of these innovation posters. We’re grateful if you share a picture via twitter (@boardofinno, #innovationpropaganda) or via email (info@boardofinnovation.com). We have some big size posters ready to be shipped. Ping us to convince us of your cause, and we might send you some. Let’s all make corporates a bit more innovative and entrepreneurial!