8 Innovative Ways To Earn Money With Chocolate

Nick De MeyConsumer goods

Young people have the brightest and most creative ideas. No doubt about that. As such we are very pleased to have the opportunity to give several lectures and workshops to creative youngsters this year. Two weeks ago we were invited at the Technical University of Eindhoven (NL), and yesterday we gave our second workshop at the Antwerp Management School (BE). We asked the students at AMS to think of new and innovative business ideas to make money with chocolate. So what did they come up with?

  1. Men-only Chocolate with Vending Experience: Chocolate bars branded for men with specific tastes (f.e. beer taste), sold through vending machines that throw out the bars so men have to catch it. There’s certainly a lot of potential in bringing more experience to vending machines. Have a look at the Friendly Vending of Guus Baggermans as another (student) example.
  2. Chocolate Toys:  A lot of ideas were built around chocolate toys for children, ranging from Chocolate Lego Blocks to Chocolate Plasticine. Kids could build their own structure with it, or eat it of course. :)
  3. Chocolate Wellness: Image yourself taking a bath in chocolate. Totally emerged in the flavors, but without the negative side effects. (Read: getting fat). The product could be marketed in the form of bath salt.
  4. Let your kids design the dessert: A Bob the Builder-kit would give children the opportunity to ‘design’ mom’s dessert. Nice family experience!
  5. Ready-made desserts by Star Chefs: As people want convenience as well as quality, premium ready-made desserts could be developed and marketed by Star Chefs. Distribution could go via traditional supermarkets – at premium price – or through home delivery.
  6. Recipe book & community: Offer chocolate with recipe books to make starters and main dishes with chocolate, in addition to desserts. And start a community where people can share their own recipes.
  7. CreateYourChocolate.com: On this platform you can make your own chocolate creation or ‘Creachoc’. CreateYourChocolate.com would partner with DHL for distribution and with Callebaut for their great Belgian chocolate. MyMuesli.com is a similar customization venture that shows that it can work.
  8. A reason for…: One of the most inspiring ideas for me was the nice marketing approach by the young lady Candide. Women feel guilty for eating chocolate, a problem that needs to be tackled. Her solution was a brand called ‘A reason for…’, boxes of chocolates divided in separate compartments. On top of each compartment a simple reason (to eat the chocolate) is printed.  I cleaned (almost) the whole house, I’m having a bad hair day, I ran …km today, and so on. No need to feel guilty, you deserve it! A simply approach, but it would work!

Of course some of these ideas already exist or may not be fully realistic, but we saw some inspiring presentations yesterday. Congrats to the students!