Business Model Innovation Award 2009 – Nominated Startups2 min read

Philippe De RidderInternet & media

Concept – The Business Model Innovation Award 2009 celebrates start-ups and corporate initiatives with an extraordinary business model. This year’s topic: Innovative business models around Exposure.

Goal – Supporting the initiative and dedication of today’s entrepreneurs, and stimulating business model exploration and innovation.

Context – The Award will be given during the 24 Hours of Innovation event on May 15-16.

Start-ups – The list of nominees:

iPop Ad Market

Based on exposure with an interesting first case. “We are developing new exciting products for our clients: First project turning car sales into an engine for economic upliftment: Homeless Cars.”


“Get rewarded to shout about the things you love”. An interesting concept floating on top of the web 2.0 wave(/bubble?).


“The semi-3D world will transform your life as a next generation social / business network. What makes us really different is that our members own this website! So when we make a profit – they make a profit.” So you build and share to earn a part of the profit.


Make use of the attention of your peers. “Everyday Models specialise in providing innovative ways for ‘everyday people’ to earn money while living their everyday lives.”


Give maximum exposure to your digital concent by using the service of Oronjo. “Sell your content on your own site. The Radiohead distribution model is now available for everyone, for free!”

Win It gIRL

A concept that that embraces the new social media trend. “WIN it gIRL finds out about cool products and services then reviews them in her e-newsletter. Readers participate with partnered blogs for exclusive contests and sweepstakes.”


A Win-win exposure concept: “Posse is a way for you to expose your favourite gigs to your friends and social networks, and get paid for the effort! We’re partnering with bands that are keen to reward their fans for years of hard work.”