+200 Predictions: 1 year later. What happened so far?

Last year we made a visual overview of +200 future predictions. This list is being used in our innovation workshops & training to inspire people. So far, the feedback on this poster was great. But it’s time to review our list and see if there was any progress.


018 - The end of ecryption & passwords

One of the hot topics in the tech industry lately is the full frontal attack of the FBI on the encryption policy of Apple. This debate has not been settled yet. But we can expect that this ‘precedent’ will have a significant impact on how we look at encryption.

021 - Rating your friends

Someone really assumed this was a good idea and launched “the yelp for people”, to rate your peers & contacts. This startup faced a huge backlash at the end of 2015 and had to remove some features. The app launched a couple of days ago. Keep an eye on Peeple to if they can manage to pull this off.

022 - Ban on disposable packaging

After San Francisco, also Montreal is considering a ban on plastic bottles. On other fronts, we see how retailers like Whole Foods had to remove pre-peeled oranges from their shelves due to ‘ridiculous’ usage of plastic packaging.

028 - Real time virtual video make-up

Last September Snapchat acquired the company Looksery. This startup offers automatic beauty enhancements to real-time video content. (e.g. smoother skins, brighter eyes,…) Many other apps are experimenting in this domain. Leading examples: YouCam Makeup or Pitu (Very popular on the Chinese market)!

033 - branding support for individuals

The first service agency’s that target Youtube/Vine/Snapchat stars are popping up. 

044 - Behaviour triggers + 1000 payments/day

The company 21.co is one to keep an eye on. On one hand, they offer an off the shelf Bitcoin solution, but more interesting is their Bitcoin API marketplace. With their setup, you can launch a flow of micro-transactions to do automatic payments.

060 - In-house air-cleaning robots

A couple of months back, Ecovacs launched their ATMOBOT. Basically, this is a Roomba on steroids equipped with an air purification module. Related: Watch how this Atlas robot cleans your house ;)

075 - Enhanced eyes with lie detections

The first trials to make rats see infrared are already live. But it will take some time before humans start to have brain implants to tweak their vision.

Instead of eye enhancements, we also see the first ‘hearing aids’ to be controlled via smartphone apps. Expect Superhuman hearing abilities soon!

079 - Anti-conception on-off switch

A German research team has created a semen-valve to give men a real on-off switch. For the moment this device still costs +$5K and it is not an instant switch. (could take 30 days). Give it a couple of years. We’re almost there! 

172 - Jail-sentence on disposable food waste

France is leading here and Italy is taking the first steps. It becomes illegal for large supermarkets to throw away unsold food.


I’m Nick De Mey, founder Board of Innovation and foresight analyst at Venturesight – foresight-backed venture design. Let’s talk!

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