15 Business Models to Copy (+ PDF Download with all cases)

We’ve seen plenty of companies that get stuck in a rut after years of implementing the same old, same old strategies and failing to capture (or predict) the ever-changing needs and wants of customers.

We’ve handpicked for you the most inspiring selection of business models across diverging industries.

From cameras that automatically take your picture to apps that let you trace your own genetic traits – we found these 15 innovative companies who strive in their business model capabilities and we want you to take inspiration from them!

Since we love sharing ideas and insights, you can download all examples as PDF. If you know other inspiring stories feel free to share them with us in the comment section or via twitter.

Who knew boasting about your minimal CO2 emissions or sharing health insurance with your friends would be the next big thing? Did this just make you realize your business model is in desperate need and you don’t know how to revamp it?

Well, that won’t help much. What has been proven to be beneficial to your business model is our 2-day Business Model Innovation training where your team will get inspired and learn new tools and techniques through an interactive workshop and pitching sessions!

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