10 steps to build awesome business ideas

We get managers to complain to us quite often that they are submerged by hundreds of ideas, and that these ideas their employees come up with are not tangible enough and are communicated poorly. Hence, they can’t take action on those ideas.

On the other side, when we speak to employees, they often complain that the ideas they give to their managers are barely picked up.

how to validate business ideas
This moved us to compile this 10-step guide for corporate innovators to:

  • Validate business ideas with proven methodologies
  • Communicate these ideas more effectively with a structured format
  1. Customer segment & early adopters
  2. Problem identification
  3. Problem interviews
  4. Problem size estimation
  5. Ideation
  6. Competitive landscape
  7. Value proposition
  8. Prototype
  9. Solution Interviews
  10. Addressable Market + bonus tip

Here’s the full presentation:

Download the PDF (50MB)

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