Classifieds gone social in the Arab world

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Launched in March 2012 by 22-year-old Mohamed Nour,, is the regions first social marketplace where buyers post requests for goods or services they need and the amount they would like to pay for them. Shoutit takes the concept of commerce back to the basics, by allowing you to offer whatever you have and ask the price you’d like to … Read More helping Arab brides to have a happy marriage

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While marriage day might be the happiest day in the lives of many women, the preparations to that day are the hardest and organizationally very challenging. Meet In the Arab world, you need to multiply all logistical and organizational challenges of a marriage by a factor of ten, in order to also account for cultural and religious matters. Despite, … Read More

Offerna: group-buying in the Middle East & North Africa

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E-commerce has been taking off in the MENA region. The Group buying phenomenon (Groupon effect) is the latest twist in the evolution of MENA’s online user preferences. Let’s see how this global trend is unfolding itself in the Middle East & North Africa. The online retail and shopping market in Egypt epitomizes the regional trend. According to a Nielsen study … Read More is crowdsourcing harassment cases in Egypt

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Hayk, our Ambassador in Egypt, explains how HarassMap is crowdsourcing harassment cases to bring transparency and improve women’s life in Egypt. After Hayk’s previous story about two startups taking control of Egyptian traffic, this is another inspiring story showing how online startups are filling gaps in social and political structures. If governments don’t organize things, the people will via new … Read More

How Egyptian startups take control of traffic via twitter


I’m pleased to welcome Hayk Hakobyan as our brand-new Ambassador in Cairo, Egypt! He explains how 2 Egyptian startups are building on twitter as a P2P traffic information system; long before twitter became an enabler in the country’s political revolution. Cairo is the largest metropolitan center on the African continent, boasting a population of 20 million and counting. One of … Read More